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Artisan Boulangerie Co. @ Killiney Road

After reading about the 6 new bakeries in Singapore, and having a big hit with Bread King, we went to check out Artisan Boulangerie Co. at Killiney Road after Sunday gym session. Artisan Boulangerie Co. is a contemporary bakery, helmed by award-winning artisan baker, Eran Mayer. When Eran Mayer was in Paris, he was a member of the Paris Chamber of Commerce for Professional Artisan Bakers,  which sounds very pro. The food and bread are no doubt, good. I had the Chicken Fusilli ($10.50) with extra Scrambled Eggs ($4). The chicken fusilli serving was small, but the fusilli was fresh, chewy and served cold. The scrambled eggs were well textured and milky. N had the ABC Breakfast (18.50), with the standard – sausage, Mesclun salad, eggs and mushrooms, which was tasty too.

Bread King Bakery @ Serangoon Gardens

I must admit when we first reached the Bread King, I was very skeptical of the food quality. Bread King is set inside Burghley Squash and Tennis centre set deep in Serangoon Gardens on a one way street, with a small shop front and aluminium metal tables and chairs. It doesn’t look anything like any of the hipster cafes we were used to visiting on Sundays. But I began to feel more assured when the smell of freshly baked cake reached me, and seeing families around enjoying their food helped. Fragrant freshly baked pastries We were soon greeted by Pedro, the ‘angmoh’ featured on all Bread King collaterals, who offered us 2 options: 1) regular sandwiches or 2) bread basket served with salad, burrata cheese and ham. Since there was 3 of us, we decided to go for the bread basket and I am really glad we did! The Bread basket ($12) comprises French baguettes and Pedro’s signature sour dough. The Burrata Salad Platter ($25) had an uncut beautiful slab of Burrata cheese shipped directly from …