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I wanted to personally write to you to thank you for sharing so much valuable information. I am immensely grateful.

I have been scouring the net for alternative treatments to cancer and researching on Nefful negative ion products, but have not found much detailed information. Yours is the most comprehensive…

Again, thank you so much for sharing all the valuable information. Please do know that it does help, and make a difference.
– Ms S.T.

Thanks for your inspiring blog on your mum and your journey to healing her cancer.

It took great courage and conviction and great intelligence, drive and love on your part to bring your mum through this…

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate the deep knowledge that you share with us.
– Ms A.B.

After talking to Beatrice and doing a 7-days vegetable juice fast, “My favourite French fries taste so different that I am staying away from it. I still miss my chocolates :). Ha ha but I look forward to my juice daily. I can takes the subtle difference in the different recipes after taking it for a month and love the variety in taste though it still looks green 🙂

– Ms A.Y.

Unfortunately, when diagnosed with cancer, most people don’t realize that it completely unnecessary to be mutilated, poisoned and irradiated so they tragically surrender their lives to in what they think is the ONLY CHOICE …..

This blog has opened the eyes and ears of thousands of people to the realization that there is more than just one choice and that it is possible to not only get rid of cancer but to keep it gone AND to do that without losing body parts or dignity.

Thank God (and Beatrice) for this ”voice of reason and hope” during this pandemic of cancer which is sweeping the world.
– Dr Thomas Lodi

Beatrice, thank you so dearly for your healing hands and sending hope.

– Jimmy


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