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Your personalized coach on your mobile: ACTIVE8ME APP

As a busy working professional, I find it a personal struggle to look after my body’s holistic wellness in terms of eating well; going to the gym and getting the exercise I need while juggling multiple demands at work and home. Most of the time, I feel time-strapped.

Therefore, when I heard about the launch of Active8me, an integrated fitness, health and wellness platform that is the brainchild of Jeremy Rolleston – two-time Olympian who is passionate to motivate and equip others on their health and wellness journeys; Fay Hokulani – Fitness expert and Jaclyn Reutens – Nutrition Expert who has 15 years of experience in the nutrition and dietetics field, I downloaded the app without further ado, to see what it entails.

I was amazed to see how this app functions as an all-in-one


There are daily customised workout plans that you can choose from, which come with comprehensive step-by-step instructions for easy induction. That’s not the only thing! You can also choose the workout that is best suited according to your user program, level of experience and workout location choice such as at home or outdoors.

And the best thing is, these workout plans are developed by Olympians, exercise physiologists, and personal trainers!


What’s more, being body and health conscious, attaining my ideal weight is something I always aspire to achieve. I love how this app allows me to track the progress of my weight loss, from detailing my initial weight before starting off, to my current weight after a period of time and how much more I need to lose before achieving my targeted weight. I feel right on track with this app!


Or if you are just looking to shave some inches off specific body parts, you will love Active8me’s attention to detail – it allows you to track the measurements for your chest, waist, hip (widest), right thigh, right arm and so on and measure your progress over a daily, weekly, monthly and even an annually basis!



Being a foodie, it is tough to balance healthy eating with a multitude of food cravings. This app appeals to me with its variety of daily healthy recipes that cater for all meals ranging from breakfast, lunch to dinner. There is bound to be one recipe that will satisfy my craving for that day!

Moreover, with these recipes being thoughtfully curated by dietitians and catered to lifestyle and calorie preferences, I can rest assured that the meals I have are nutritionally balanced and calorie-controlled. The ingredients are also Asian-based i.e. easy access to ingredients without having to worry about where to buy the ingredients from.


There’s also another thing I love about Active8me – It is chock-full of healthy eating out tips that will make you think twice about your diet choices e.g. drinking canned drinks due to their high sugar content.



In order to succeed, it involves conquering a weak mind. To ensure that I persevere on to succeed and achieve the transformation I want, Active8me also takes on the role of a life coach with weekly mindset lessons that provide advice and lessons to motivate, challenge and shift thinking; and weekly life nudges to inspire and bring perspective in a whole-life context. Check out this daily dose of inspiration that I received.

In a nutshell, the Active8me integrated mobile fitness and health solution comprises customised workouts, nutrition plans, mindset lessons, community bonding and tools to track progress – all in one app.

I love how I can enjoy a real-life and balanced view of my health with Active8me’s holistic approach to health and wellness. I highly recommend Active8me to those who are time-strapped but hold holistic health and wellness as a priority.

To celebrate their official launch in Asia and as part of their way of saying thank you, all new Active8me sign-ups will get to enjoy a FREE 21-day trial! Simply visit the Apple or Google app store to download.

— Review by Harper Lee from

About our writer, Harper Lee

About our dear team writer, Harper Lee

Harper Lee is a health aficionado who is always on the constant look-out for health hacks and news to build up her wealth of knowledge on holistic health. She hopes that her articles will inspire others to achieve health via natural remedies and live life centered on the pillars of good health and wellness.

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