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bistrokai @ Purvis Street

After a good breakfast at Cups N Canvas, we walked over to hunt for Kooka Cafe for coffee at Purvis Street only to realize it has closed! However, we chanced upon bistrokai, on Level 1 at Hotel kai, which was less than 1 month old. There was even a professional photoprapher taking shots of the beers, which I assume will be used for their website. bistrokai is housed in a shophouse, but its interior is deliberately modern, keeping only the original brick walls that reveals the age of the building. The tables and chairs are of gloss finishes. I must say this looks like a very good place for soccer matches, with 2 big TV screens to huddle around over drinks. The menu boasts of gourmet burgers, sandwiches, buffalo wings and cripsy pork belly and other delicious grub, but we already had our mains, so we settled for microbrewery beer (Brewerks Pilsner, $7.80 for half pint), pot of green tea ($4.50) and a cup of latte ($5.50) using arabica beans. There was also friendly service by a Sri …

Bellwethers Bistro Bar @ Desker Road

The reviews of Bellwethers on HGW have been amazing, so we tried this bistro that opened in Jan13, for a gathering of 4 on a Friday chillout night, to further my Jalan Besar Trail. Nestled in a corner of Singapore’s oldest red light district, Bellwethers Bistro Bar definitely looks like a modern oddball at the corner of the historic shophouses. The design of Bellwethers Bistro Bar is modern, simple and unpretentious, juxtaposed against the quaint shophouses and edgy characters in the neighbourhood. Edgy enough to see police patrolling around :P. Bellwethers’ goal is to “create a quirky and offbeat watering hole away from the humdrum of Singapore’s concrete jungle and bring cool to this charming hidden gem” and they have definitely succeeded. And I am not sure what is with bicycles recently, but Bellwethers also have one in their bathroom to add to their charm. Personally feel that Bellwethers has an Aussie/NZ feel.

French Ladle! – Special Bistro Review

“I want to be a social entrepreneur!” “I want to run my own company and make my first million by 30.” I am pretty sure many of us have heard these comments or even utter them ourselves. But how many of us are actually willing to plan and make sacrifices to achieve what we say we want to achieve? Today’s bistro entry is special because “French Ladle” is one of my closest friend’s dream since secondary school. Miss L has been talking about opening a café since we were 13! And I admire her boldness in quitting her corporate job a few years ago to pursue culinary arts in Sunrice academy. Her first startup in a hawker setting did not take off, but she didn’t give up. Instead, she persevered through really tough uncertain times to finally open the French bistro café concept she has always wanted- French Ladle at 2 Pandan Valley  597626. She epitomizes one of the reasons why I started this blog – to encourage and remind all of us that if …