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Restaurant Gordon Ramsay @ Royal Hospital Road, London, UK

In winter of 2012, I had the opportunity to visit the UK and try the famous Restaurant Gordon Ramsay @ Royal Hospital Road, which is a 3 Michelin stars restaurant established in 1998. The restaurant is very small and intimate, and they are VERY strict on their dress code for the men, so please ensure no t-shirt or slippers or you will be denied entry! After more than 1 year, the amazing presentation AND flavours of the dishes still linger in my memory. One of the best meals of my life, comparable to Sushi Saito in Tokyo!

Restaurant Ember @ Hotel 1929

Ember is a small, modern and unpretentious restaurant located in Hotel 1929, which offers Western/Fusion Ember cuisine. Some of my favourite girlies treated me to Ember to my birthday last week. Short to say, FINE quality food, as expected from Chef Sebastian Ng from the Marmalade group’s Pierside Kitchen & Bar and prior experience in Four Seasons Hotel, Raffles Hotel and pasta training at Piedmont Italy as well as training stints at Hotel De Mikuni in Tokyo. Chef Sebastian is known for his pastas, meats and seafood, which reflects in the mains we ordered. So thankful to be treated my friends to fine exquisite food. Definitely not the cheapest meal, but WOW, I enjoyed the exquisiteness and details in every dish. All the dishes were cooked in a way that brought out the natural flavours of the ingredients. Complex yet complementary combination tastes. I heard the set lunches are the best value for money so hope to be back to try it some day! I also like how they tired local Singaporeans on their serving crew which …

Gran Monte Vineyard, Khao Yai

Before my first drive to Khaoyai in 2009, I never knew vineyards existed in Bangkok. It was pleasant driving along rows of grapes then, and so I knew I had to bring N back to visit a winery in the area, and so I chose to re-visit Gran Monte. Khaoyai is suited for wine-making despite being in the tropics because the lower regions of Khaoyai are around 350m above sea level, with the average daily temperature throughout the year around 23°C, and Gran Monte is one the wine makers in the region successfully coaxing Chenin Blanc, Syrah and Viogner grapes. According to Gran Monte, blending with its natural environment, the beautiful surroundings of Khao Yai has inspired the brand name “GranMonte”, which also translates as “big mountain”. They also pride ourselves on the use of organic farming techniques important in preserving our environmental surroundings, and also necessary for producing excellent quality grapes. Entering the shopfront, you will be welcomed by all their local produce including organic vegetables, various jams, fruity body lotions and raisins. They have small tasting …