Author: Cheng Nicholas

Lean Bento @ Arcade

It is one thing to see your friend lose 20 kg, and it is yet another to see her open a new Bento Bar – Lean Bento – concept to help others achieve what she has šŸ™‚ First off, I love Lean Bento’s clean and simple Japanese-inspired design which stands out among the shops in […]

P Bistro @ Owen Road

P Bistro is a cosy hidden gem near Little India! Simple menu in a cosy space, and I’m really glad for this flexitarian cafe with vegetarian options. We shared the Pomelo Salad for starters and I love this dish! This dish had a generous serving of pomelo, with fresh tomatoes, onions and fried shallots with […]

Sala Khaoyai (I)

Easily summarized, Sala Khaoyai is one of the best boutique resort experience we ever had! This is our second Sala experience, after Sala Phuket (another amazing experience for another entry), and I am so glad we chose Sala. (SmallĀ Tip and AdviceĀ is to book early and go on weekdays (Sun/Mon counts) as we got 50% off […]

The Side of Thailand More People Should See

Having worked and lived in Bangkok for a short period of time from 2009-2010, I had the privilege of exploring some of the interesting sites around Bangkok such as Ampawa and Ayutthaya. Among them, Khao Yai left the deepest impression because of the 13 degreesC night (yup, you read it right – it does get […]