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Sala Khaoyai (I)


Pool with a Villa view

Easily summarized, Sala Khaoyai is one of the best boutique resort experience we ever had! This is our second Sala experience, after Sala Phuket (another amazing experience for another entry), and I am so glad we chose Sala. (Small Tip and Advice is to book early and go on weekdays (Sun/Mon counts) as we got 50% off the rates.

P’Chatbodin (Orn), the chief service staff in Sala Khaoyai, is incredibly friendly and helpful. He takes huge ownership to be a great host and is definitely very proud of Khaoyai and Sala Resorts; he is so willing to share all the information about the area and the resort when I told him I am going to feature Sala Khaoyai in my writings. So I learn the Sala hotel chain belongs to the owner of the Central Group. Yup, that big shopping chain in Thailand! The owner first conceptualized Sala Khaoyai as a summer home that he retreats to relax. Eventually, he had so many requests he decided to open a resort, but he kept it to seven rooms so it still feels like a home.


“Home” with a mountain view


Undulating Hills with Lingering Morning Mist



Nature is the over-arching theme in Sala Khaoyai. The owner owns 100 units of land, and the resort only sits on 8 units. The rest of the land is now dedicated to build 5 types of trees – fast growing Mahogany, Teak, Rubber, Makha (Hard wood tree which takes 10 people to hug when it grows to full size) and Takian (Thais apparently know this as the holy tree). Sala Khaoyai is definitely doing its part to continue to uphold Khaoyai’s ozone quality, which is ranked 7th in the world.


The (literally) Breath-Taking 138 Steps

Nature is also in all the details of the resort. When you first reach Sala Khaoyai, you will be welcomed by 138 steps. No stairs or lift for you or your luggage! This is apparently Sala’s way of getting city folks to exercise, which is good for our health. Then, after you lose your breath climbing the stairs, you will be welcomed by the breathtaking (both literally and figuratively) view of an infinity pool overlooking the mountains and fields of green. This beautiful pool does not contain chlorine but is sterilized by sea-salt. The vegetables served at the restaurant are organic, and the meat and sausages are from animals that are on organic feed. The fresh milk is also from Khaoyai and tastes more flavourful though less viscous than the usual ones we buy from the supermarkets. Also, the villas are all set below the infinity pool so all at Sala Khaoyai can have an unblocked 360 panoramic view.

Gorgeous Infinity Pool

Gorgeous Infinity Pool


Sunset @ Infinity Pool

We stayed for one night in the Pool Villa and two nights in the room. Tip is to book early and go on weekdays (Sun/Mon counts) as we got 50% off the rates. We got the second tier Sala Pool Villa as the top tier is for families. Our pool villa has a huge sunbed, then stairs that recede to our private villa, with a small pool (also sterilized by seasalt and not chlorine) and swing overlooking the east (sunrise view!). The room is modern with touches of nature – wood hangers, dark wood washing basin, bird ornaments. GORGEOUS!!


Private area outside Sala Pool Villa






Since we had such an amazing view, we also got up at 545am to catch the 6am sunrise. It was a soft sunrise on lingering misty dew on the mountains and layers of undulating green forest. Nature’s beauty at her finest!


Sun softly rising above the mountains

The only suggestion I would have is to build blackout curtains in this villa. It was hard to fall back asleep after the sunrise with the strong sun. But yes, still an amazing villa, which we could only afford for one night so the other two nights were in the deluxe balcony room which is for another post!

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