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The Truth about Green Juices & Smoothies

Are you always opting for a green juice or smoothie to accompany or replace your meal instead of ingesting the vegetables itself? If you are a wellness champion doing this regularly, you must read on to ensure that you are drinking the right greens for your long term health! Drinking green juices and smoothies is […]

3 Reasons why this Food Blogger turned Raw

I know you are already thinking “RABBIT FOOD” alert, but please stay with me! After sharing Top 3 Reasons I turned Vegan, I have decided to also share why I turned Raw. My first encounter with Raw Food is at Living Cafe and Deli in Singapore when I did a feature on it, but I quickly dismissed it […]

3 Reasons why this Food Blogger turned Vegan

So, the super ironic thing is years ago, I dated someone who was a vegetarian. I remember an epic fight we had over an ant that died in his Memojazz pager.  Clearly, it was such a dramatic quarrel over an animal life that I remember it after soooo many years. And yet, after so many […]