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Bravery Cafe @ Jalan Besar – New Cafe review

New Cafe review today! Dad fractured his thumb last night so N was very nice to bring whole family out to cheer him up!

Bravery Cafe
Brought by the folks from The Plain, the decor is typical grungy Australia look and feeling. Slightly tarnished walls, hanging light bulbs.


Bravery Cafe – Interior



It’s a coffee trip so all reviews are on coffee. Overall – 8/10

Long black – much more acidic than regular long black but strong flavor.

Flat white – Still short of my favorites like Nylons and Broers but still good! Mildly sweet, very slight nutty flavor despite being Meiji milk (usually only get this flavor with Greenfields milk). Milky but still has that slightly bitter coffee kick at the end.

N is more stringent though, and think it’s one dimensional but it’s comforting everyday coffee.


Flat white

Latte – well balanced. Decently strong flavor although there is quite a lot of milk. Using Genovese beans. But personally would prefer it with less milk.



They also serve water with mint leaves, lemon zest and cucumber. Good for palate cleansing after coffee.


Will be back to try their food!!

Also brought my parents to Windowsill Pies nearby but that’s for another post!


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