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Get Rewarded by simply using your Fitbit and Jawbone!

I recently chanced upon, a health and fitness platform that aims to reward you for keeping fit! How many of us own a fitness tracker like Fitbit or Jawbone but it has become a white elephant or just a fashion accessory?

Pretty fitness tracker. Photo by @sassyyogi

So how does, really work?, is currently integrated with the market’s top 2 fitness tracker brands, Fitbit and Jawbone; mobile fitness apps such as Google Fit and Moves up in the pipeline. The integration with Fitbit and Jawbone gives us a seamless experience where data are shown on, almost immediately.

It is indeed simple to be rewarded! What you need to do in simply to take on a challenge in order to win a prize – a Pebble time in this case!!

Example of a challenge – Walk 12,000 steps daily for the qualifying period to get a chance at the prize!

Once the challenge has started, you will be able to see their daily performance as well as a live leaderboard where users vie for the top spot. Fitbit and Jawbone users are able to come together and take part in the same challenge.

jawbone logo fitbit logo, aims to act as a motivator for a user to walk and exercise more on a daily basis. Hence the leaderboard was designed in such a way that the ranking is based on 2 tiered criteria:

  1. The number of days a user hit the daily minimum number of steps set for that particular challenge.
  2. Number of steps clocked during the challenge period.

This process is in place so that users will not run a marathon on day 1 of the challenge, clocking sky high number of steps and then not moving again for the remaining days of the challenge. Keeping fit should be a habit and the reward is to incentivise daily active living.

At the end of the challenge, the winner will be announced through all social media channels and the prize will be shipped directly to the winner. So yes,, can be accessed globally!

Simply use the Fitbit and Jawbone you already own! And win prizes by keeping active! Photo by @sassyyogi2

If you own a FitBit and Jawbone now and want to challenge yourself and win some prizes in the process, head over to to sign up for an account!

I will be starting my personal challenge soon… keep you all updated on my progress 🙂


*Feature photo credits to @sassyyogi

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