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Hypothyroidism Recovery without Conventional Medication – Testimonial

Kickstarting my health transformation series with my father in law’s testimonial on not relying on medication for Hypothyroidism.

In April 2014, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, with TSH , Thyroid peroxidase Ab and Thyroglobulin Ab all above normal range. He had feel feeling fatigued for some time despite exercising very regularly. He was advised to start going on thyroxine medication to curb the symptoms.

Hypothyroidism – Before. Blood test report on 11th April 2014

After doing some research, we advised him to try to avoid taking the thyroxine because the body might adjust by producing even less hormones if we artificially supply the body with thyroxine. We challenged him to be a raw, vegan diet while combining with wearing some negative ion clothes. He changed his lifestyle for the subsequent 8 weeks:

  • Breakfast: Raw Vegetable and Fruit blend
  • Lunch: Salad
  • Dinner: Raw Vegetable and Fruit blend/Salad
  • Daily: Wheatgrass shot
  • Wearing Negative Ion Singlet (10,000 negative ions/cc air) and sleeping on the Negative Ion Bedpad (100,000 negative ions/cc air)

We expected the TSH reading to improve, but we didn’t expect it to almost half from 6.09 to 3.27, meaning he is now within normal TSH range and does not need long term medication. Praise God!

Hypothyroidism – After. Blood Test Result on 16th June 2014

Of course, while this does not mean that all of us can go self-medicate without supervision of a doctor or nutritionist, but definitely eating more healthy can only help and not hurt. Stay healthy!


Specific disclaimer for this post: Negative Ion Clothing is NOT a medical device, a cure, a therapeutic tool, or medication. Nefful products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and no warranty or representation is made in this post with regards to its ability to do so. This post is based on my own experience and personal research. You are advised to seek professional medical advice for your own health issues.


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