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LivinGreens @ Rangoon Road

LivinGreens (I used to confuse myself by searching for Living Greens!), an organic vegan cafe, is a blessing to my mum and family. Ms Barbara Chin, the owner and chef of LivinGreens, has years of experience taking care of cancer patients so she is very aware of patients’ dietary needs. All her food sauces and salad dressings are painstakingly prepared from scratch using fresh ingredientsEven the water she uses to make her soups is filtered. LivinGreens used to be located at Beach Road but I am so glad they have now moved to relatively central Rangoon Road so we can eat there often, and without do the stress of food preparation at home!

Cheery Barbara, photo from

Cheery Barbara, photo from

Most of LivinGreens mains are under $10, and these are some of our all time favourites!

Raw dishes


Avocado Salad. The avocado tastes like egg! Amazing texture.


Greens Salad with tomato, carrots and sprouts


Green Salads. I find it hard to believe this eggy tasting sauce is not mayo


Fruity Salad


Sushi Roll with radish as rice replacement


Sushi Roll with bananas for me!


Living wrap. Only non raw part is the wholemeal wrap outside. One of my staples!

Cooked dishes

Weekend Specials (only available on some Fri/Sat/Sun): Ginger Rice ala Vegan Chicken Rice

Ginger Rice ala Vegan Chicken Rice (Weekend Specials only available on some Fri/Sat/Sun)


Vegan Lasagna, tastes just like the meaty ones!


My personal favourite – Ma La Mian! With additional raw green salads. But not for the faint hearted, unused to spices.


Brown Rice set with sides that are different every week. This was with cabbage and tempeh

My next favourite after the Spicy La Mian - Lor Mee, which is a weekend special so don't get to have it often!

My next favourite after the Spicy La Mian – Lor Mee, is a weekend special, so I don’t get to have it often!

Mushroom Noodles. One of my frequent cooked treats as well!

Mushroom Noodles, one of my frequent cooked treats as well!


Vegan Laksa with Corn and Mushroom


Pumpkin seed, green tea slice with no sugar

Pumpkin seed, green tea slice with no sugar

Some cooked specials that Barbara specially prepared for my mum’s birthday this year. Have to pre-order to ensure they are able to get supplies from the organic farms.


Raw Green Tea Matcha Cake without sugar


Celery, Carrot and Enoki mushrooms mix


Pretty Ladyfingers


Broccoli and mushrooms


Spinach with sauce that tasted a lot like abalone


Tempeh with Rendang sauce

Not surprisingly, LivinGreens is a regular hangout for many cancer patients who need to be extra careful with their food intake to ensure they are not loading any more toxics into their system. I am thankful for people like Barbara who devote their lives to providing such high quality control of food and diet for cancer patients.

Address: 89 Rangoon Rd # 01-04, URBAN LOFTS, Singapore 218375
Tel: (+65) 98574881
Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 11:00 am to 3:00pm & 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
MRT: Farrer Park MRT Station, Exit B / Bus Service Numbers: 141, 130, 131


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