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Meatball Noodles @ Streetside, Khaoyai

On our last night, we decided it was time to brave some street food. At least the impact is minimized even if we get a tummy upset 😛 So we decided to try this meatball noodles street food stall (30bht/bowl = SGD$1.30) outside 7-11 (few km from the entrance of Khaoyai).



We decided to order 1 bowl to try, and the taste was really local, authentic and flavourful. So we ordered another. However, as I was eating the first bowl, I found 1 strain of hair. So i fished it out and tried to ignore it, then I saw a bug in the soup. Kind of lost of appetite then and decided to stop eating. Then, N found 3 bugs in the second bowl, which was when we decided it was time to abandon our food and hunt for something else.

I should have photographed all the “extras” in the soup. Oh well, not recommended for anyone with a weak stomach for sure, though it was yummy and very cheap.

In case you were wondering, thank God both of us didn’t have a stomach upset after!



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