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Momma Kong’s (Crab Shack) @ Mosque Street

Momma Kong’s (Crab Shack) was founded by the Kong brothers – Edmund and Terence – together with their cousin, who is also my old time friend, JL. Momma Kong’s concept originated from wanting to create food similar to their mom’s great cooking – great local crab delicacies made with fresh ingredients, and no flavour enhancers added! Momma Kong’s décor is also simple, modern and relaxing, great for catching up with friends and family or as a pre-party destination, or watch football as well! They also have Asahi Super Dry on tab now compared to when I first visited, plus they even serve and premium Nikka Whisky, and they have happy hour 1-for-1 if you can go early before 730pm!

Momma Kong-11

Momma Kong’s (Crab Shack) @ Mosque Street – Exterior

Momma Kong-10

Crabs wise, they have all the classic favourites – Black Pepper Crab, Red Chilli Crab, Fresh Steamed Crab and Momma Kong’s Signature Crab Bee Hoon Soup. Between 5 of us, we tried the 3 crabs for $110 promotion (2 Pepper Crabs and 1 Chilli Crab) and 1 Crab Bee Hoon Soup.

Momma Kong-3

Pepper Crab – Rich umami taste

Momma Kong-7

Spicy Chili Crab

Momma Kong-6

Calling all crab roe lovers!!

This amazing Momma Kong’s Signature Crab Bee Hoon Soup ($38) is our favourite. Because the crabs are super fresh, even though they are just lightly steamed before it goes into the milky soup base, the natural sweetness of the crab is intact. In And the sweetness and crab roe tastes is blended with the milky soup…..yumz.  In fact, the crabs are so fresh, the meat comes out in a whole slab when the shells are peeled. They do not use any MSG so I am amazed with the flavour. Comes with or without Huatiao Rice Wine so do remember to let them know your preference.

Momma Kong-2

Momma Kong’s Signature Crab Bee Hoon Soup

All the crabs are air-flown daily from Sri Lanka direct to Momma Kong’s, each crab is carefully scrutinized and weighs approximately 650grams a piece, the perfect size for one! Both the Pepper Crab and Chili Crab were great tasting, and tip: suggest to eat the dishes in the order of 1) Crab in Bee Hoon Soup, 2) Pepper Crab then 3) Chili Crab. If one reverses the order, one will probably not be able to taste the subtle tastes in the crab in soup.

Also, one very unique sides of Momma Kong’s is their oversized Fried Mantous! I feel the mantou is layered more like a croissant, crispy on outside and soft on inside which absorbs the glorious black pepper and chili very well!

Momma Kong-4

Croissant-like Fried Mantous

We also had Tofu Sticks and Shanghai Greens on the side. I liked the tofu sticks as they are really healthy compared to chips, but the Shanghai greens were a little overcooked and limp. Still, much needed greens to balance all the cholesterol intake 😛

Momma Kong-1

Healthy Tofu Sticks

Momma Kong-8

Shanghai Greens

And for all of you crab lovers, Momma Kong has a Free-Flo MmMom-Bo Sunday every first Sunday of the month (Jan2014 is apparently almost full already!) from 7pm to 10pm with free-flow crabs, sides, wines and alcohol all for the low price of $68 NETT!

Momma Kong-9

Free Flow Crab buffet!

Compared to other famous Crab tzechars like Ban Leong or Melben, I find $38/crab good value for money for a good sized 650g crab, and enjoy the comforts of aircon and cosy environment to interact with friends and family! Be ready for finger-licking good time but don’t worry, Momma Kong’s also provide bibs so you can prevent any clothes stains.

Momma Kong’s Crab Shack
Address: 34 Mosque Street, Singapore 059512
Operating Hours: Tue – Sun: 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Phone: +65 6225 (CRAB) 2722

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