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Nepal – Pokhara Hotel – Templetree Resort & Spa (Nepal Travel Review Series)

Templetree Resort & Spa had a clean resort feel, reasonably comfortable and we had a nice pool view from the second floor. The staff were very friendly and helpful. It was extremely crowded and popular with Chinese tourists. I think other than us, all other tourists in Templetree we met were Chinese! Simple, spacious, clean room design with comfortable bed for a good rest before our Poon Hill Trek!

Pokhara Temple Tree-1

The service was extremely personable. They knew we had been married <1 year and gave us this surprise when we check in! So sweet!

Pokhara Temple Tree-8

Pokhara Temple Tree-2 Pokhara Temple Tree-4 Pokhara Temple Tree-5

Pokhara Temple Tree-7

View from balcony

Very clean and relatively modern decor in the room.Pokhara Temple Tree-6 Pokhara Temple Tree-9

The only feedback I have for the Templetree Resort & Spa management is to improve the internet by allowing auto-save on the username and password. You have to key in a username and password EVERY TIME you log into the internet; it doesn’t autosave for some reason which makes surfing very inconvenient.

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