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Nepal – Pokhara Hotel – Waterfront Resort (Nepal Travel Review Series)

If you don’t mind a slightly further location (5 mins by taxi) from the crowds main Lakeside area in Pokhara, I highly recommend the Waterfront Resort. It is right beside the glistening Phewa lakes, where you will regularly see paragliders land.

Wide, majestic hotel

Wide, majestic hotel – Waterfront Resort


Nice, clean pool, but it was too cold for us to use in February


View of Waterfront Resort from the Lake



Panoramic view of the calming surroundings

Panoramic view of the calming surroundings

The room itself was well lit, amazingly big and clean! I must say that after a 5 days Poon Hill trek living in teahouses with mostly cold water, it was nothing short of heavenly to have a hot water bath without worrying about hot water running out. Waterfront Resort has an affliated spa 3 minutes walk away, and the 45minutes foot reflexology with soft massage on calves helped us to finally be able to climb the stairs without looking like a duck.

Pokhara Waterfront-1

Best room in Waterfront Resort

Pokhara Waterfront-2

Luxurious space after so many nights in teahhouses

Pokhara Waterfront-3

View from room – Paragliders landing!

The Resident Manager of Waterfront Resort, Mr Santosh Karki, was extremely personable, and gave us the best possible room in the resort (3rd floor, overlooking the lake). He personally spoke to us at the end of the trip to ensure we had a pleasant stay. The restaurant within Waterfront Resort, Aquabird Restaurant, also served some great dinner. I recommend the Hot and Sour Soup, and the Mixed Grill. Affordable prices, good service and big portions, for hotel food too!


No wonder Waterfront Resort was Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice in Pokhara in 2013/2014.

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