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The Ascot @ Grandstand – Restaurant Review

Food Type: British
Food Quality: 7.5/10
Value for Money: 8/10 (Only with AMEX Palate promotion, otherwise I think it’s pricey)
Service: 9/10

I like the Ascot restaurant ambience for its relative silence to the rest of Grandstand, which was quite crowded on a Sunday night. So it made for good catchup location with S, an old friend I met on exchange in Vancouver almost a decade ago now.


Started the evening with chillout drinks. We tried the Dead Pony Club – a pale Californian ale which is extremely floral in smell, but very bitter in taste. I would say, not a very usual girly drink but I would recommend you at least try to smell it. It’s amazingly scented. The server (I assume the owner) was friendly and was very open to letting us taste the beer on tap before serving us.

Also tried the Brothers Toffee Apple Cider for the first time. One of the sweetest ciders I ever had as you can imagine, and I loved the caramel-toffee apple. Highly recommend for girls with sweet tooth for ciders/moscatos!


Roast Beef – weekend only special. Meat was well done but it’s the sauce that made the dish special. Potatoes were well cooked with sweet flavour but not overdone till it’s soggy. Yorkshire pudding on the side made it extremely British. Always love soaking the pudding in the sauce! Overall – 7.5/10 for this dish!

Roast Chicken – 6.5/10. Tender but not spectacular. Found the serving too small also.


Ascot Roast Beef with Bread Pudding


Ascot Roast Chicken

Guinness Pie  – 8/10. Best dish for the night. Took 20 minutes to prepare but worth the wait. It was much wetter than the ones we tried in Ireland though. The stout taste was not strong for those we usually don’t like stout like myself, and it didn’t leave a bitter after-taste like many Guinness pies do.


Ascot Guinness Pie


Ascot Guinness Pie Sliced

Enjoyed the texture of the puff pastry – flaky but not totally usual crumbly that makes it difficult to eat. The filling of meat and vegetables was well balanced and stewed, giving one a hearty and comforting feeling after eating. Made me feel like Hogmanay 🙂 


Ascot Guinness Pie – Gone very fast!

For those who have a craving for the British food, chillax quieter pub, recommend to try once but bring a friend with a Palate/Amex Plat because it’s really worthwhile with the 50% off (for 2 to dine).

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