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Restaurante Botin – World’s Oldest Restaurant (Guinness World Record)

Restaurante Botin in Madrid, Spain, was founded in 1725 and is the world’s oldest restaurant according to the Guinness Book of Records. According to Wiki, the restaurant was founded by a french man Jean Botin and his spouse, and was originally called Casa Botín. The official Botin website says that the restaurant continues to be run by the third generation of the family. Miss A and I had a chance to try Botin in 2008 and I was so excited to be able to dine in such a historic location!!

Picture 040

Botin – Historic looking menu

Botin Restaurant - Interior

Botin Restaurant – Dining area is underground, with a rocky interior

Picture 057

Chef slicing Iberico Ham

Picture 049

Honestly can’t remember what exactly we had, but it was pretty amazing food. I remember liking the potatoes very much!

Picture 051

Great service with their staff dressed traditionally

Picture 056

Old School Cash Register @ Botin

Picture 059

The official Guinness World Records cert

Picture 061

And of course, selfie to show how happy I was to dine at this special Restaurante Botin 🙂

Highly recommended if you are already all the way in Madrid! Great food and most importantly to experience a well preserved restaurant that has survived almost 300 years. It is not often we in Singapore get to experience such a long standing piece of history 🙂

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