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Russkiy Dome (РУССКИЙ ДОМЪ) @ Westway

Russkiy Dome, has been relocated to Westway, newly furnished 2 storey building at 27 West Coast Highway, right next to the famous West Coast Korean BBQ, Jushinjung. It is a very small cosy Russian country-style decorated cafe that has only 6 tables, with a corner carved out for movie screening and Nintendo games on a couch. The chef is from Uzbekistan and one of the servers is from Russia so be ready for out of Singapore dining experience.


Russkiy Dome – simple country style decor


Cosy corner on couch to hangout and watch TV or play some games!

To celebrate Miss YY birthday, we started with the Borsch Soup ($13.80) – good for 2 to share! I still stick to my claim that Russkiy Dome’s Borsch Soup is one of the most authentic and ingredient-rich in Singapore! Refreshing without the sour cream, rich and satisfying with the sour cream.


Russkiy Dome’s Borsch Soup – a lot of ingredients!

Next up – Pork Julienne ($15), the most popular mains with the patrons of Russkiy Dome. Love the tender pork, hand cut potatoes and the yummy Cream Cheese sauce with a dash of dill. Very rich dish that is also good for sharing.


Pork Julienne

We also had the Chicken Shashlik ($11) and Crab Salad ($11). Felt the chicken was a tad salty on its own so the chicken is better paired with the vegetables on the side. The Crab Salad was a blend of crab sticks, rice, sweet corn, cucumber, boiled egg and home-made cream sauce!


Chicken Shashlik


Crab Salad

We were also given some Chocolate Calbasa (chocolate salami) to try in tasting sizes. In this Chocolate Calbasa, I tasted dark chocolate, biscuits or cookies and a hint of alcohol. I believe Chocolate Calbasa originated in Portugal and is very popular in Italy but learnt last night that it was also popular in Russia.


We were too stuffed for full desserts but I took away 2 Tucher Beer bottles for N that was on promotion ($10 for 2 bottles). I would be back when I need my next Russian fix 🙂

Russkiy Dome also runs Russian movie nights (Dec8 is the next screening which is already fully booked) and does catering (with some recent experience catering for INSEAD) in case any of you need catering service.

Russiky Dome
Address:27 West Coast Highway #01-29 Singapore 117867 Westway Building (opposite Haw Par Villa MRT)
Tel:+65 9116 5113


Previous review when Russkiy Dome was still @ Burlington Square

Food type – Russian
Food quality – 7.5/10
Value for $ – 7.5/10

Visited my friend’s Ms D.T.s restaurant at Burlington square. Her boyfriend is from Uzbekistan and they have just set up a Russian restaurant.

Borsch soup – 9/10
I think the most awesome Borsch soup I have had in Singapore. Without the sour cream, it’s refreshing despite being beet root based. With the sour cream, the blend makes the soup thicker but still refreshing unlike usual cream based soup. Very very nice. must try.


Salmon – N/A
I’m not a cooked salmon person so I won’t rate this dish but my friends like it – fish was fresh and awesome creamy sauce.


The other 2 dishes I think are a must try – Pork Julienne (8.5/10) and Lamb Shashlik. Lamb doesn’t have a usual overwhelming muttony taste but we ate it too fast so I have good shot of only the pork Julienne – let’s just say we cleared the sauce off the plate.


There are interesting beers as well, from Germany, Czech, Ukraine that makes for very happy friends 😀

Overall good value for money, convenient especially for students studying near Burlington square, but i think the servings can be slightly bigger.. Guys were still tad hungry after meal!

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