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Summer Palace @ Regent (Restaurant Week)

Food Quality: 7.5/10
Value for Money: 5/10 ($55++/pax – Restaurant Week)
Service: 8/10

Heard a lot about Summer Palace in many lists of Chinese restaurants to try in Singapore, so was quite excited to be able to bring our family to try it out in this Restaurant Week! Summer Palace in a Cantonese restaurant, whose menus are complemented by a collection of fine Chinese art and antiques. It’s quite a small restaurant with only ~15 tables, and 2 private dining rooms are available for business and private functions.

Personally find the service great.  As my parents prefer not to eat beef, we asked them if they could change the item on the menu and they were happy to change it to chicken, cooked in the same style. And halfway through the meal, we found it warm and they also quickly adjusted the temperature for us. Very good service but I guess for the price, they better had good service too! 😛


Premium Look and Feel in Summer Palace @ Regent


Premium Look and Feel in Summer Palace @ Regent

Restaurant week tasting menu!
We found all the servings small (we were still hungry when we got home), but when I checked out other review on Summer Palace and realized that their usual mains (like beef cubes) are $68/plate, I realized it was relatively decent o be able to try their signature dishes at $55+/pax.


First up, starter cold dish with tofu, topped with century egg and floss. Very small but nice dish to whet up our appetite. 


Suckling Pig, Stuffed with Minced Shrimp and Almond Flakes, Chilled Birds’ Nest with Black Fungus and Vegetables

Crispy suckling pig, which is flavourful without being overwhelmingly fatty. The Almond Flakes also gives it a nutty balance. 2 slices is not enough though! Also recommend to try all in one mouthful – it is a blast of flavours on the tongue!


 Braised Fish Maw Soup with Seafood and Egg White

Chock full of ingredients – one whole piece of fish maw, handful of prawns and whole pieces of crab. But probably spoilt by Jade’s soup standard, we unanimously found the soup base bland, so do add soya sauce and vinegar (they have the good quality red vinegar) if you try this dish.


Steamed Scallops with Garlic and Glass Vermicelli

Most photogenic dish of the night! Lightly sauteed with garlic, the scallops are fresh without the heavy-metallic aftertaste. Soy based sauce also gives it needed holistic flavour, and the bouncy vermicelli gives an interesting texture to the dish as well.


Wok-Fried Beef Cubes and Soya Sauce and Garden Green

My second favourite dish of the night. The usual full dish is $68 *faints*. The beef was tender! Crunchy Greens.


 Fried Fish Noodles with Fish Fillet and Enoki Mushrooms

Hands down my favourite dish for the night. The fish on the ee-fu noodles is crispy on outside but tender and chewy inside. The noodle was al-dente and well sauteed. Maybe because the earlier servings were so small, but I was ready for seconds for this dish (if only they had!). Yummy! And I would repeat for this dish.


Combination of Desserts – Mango Sago, Chilled Grass Jelly and Jelly with Osmanthus and Wolfberry

Pretty trio and all nice. Suggest to start with Mango Sago which is most richly flavoured, then have the chilled grass jelly to clear your palate and close off the meal with fragrant osmanthus and wolfberry jelly.


Overall, nice quiet ambience for parents and in-laws to catch up, and good quality of food and service, but smart portions for the price!

Address: Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant
1 Cuscaden Road 3F, The Regent Singapore
Tel: +65 6725 3288

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