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Beng Hiang @ Amoy – Restaurant Review

Good Quality: 8.5/10 Value for Money: 9/10 Service: 6.5/10 (no one wanted to sit us despite having made a reservation and all 4 waitresses refused to take a photo for us. very typical old chinese restaurant service 🙁 ) Last week was my dad’s birthday, and my parents usually prefer chinese food for celebrations. My new DG just went to a 35 year old restaurant, Beng Hiang, and said it was really good value for money so decided to try out the acclaimed best Hokkien restaurant in Singapore! First up – Fish Maw Thick Soup with Crab Meat (蚧肉鱼鳔羹) Yummylicious – 8.5/10. It had a lot of ingredients in it… we all dug in so fast I actually forgot to take photo until the bottom of my bowl so forgive the bad shot. Can taste the real crab meat, fish maw with superb viscosity.  Next up – Braised White Cabbage (with Chinese vinegar) 红烧白菜 My favourite for the night – 9/10! Cabbage was soft but fibrous. There were these fried fish bits that added good texture …

Every ordinary day is a blessing

I am down with a cold and decided to quarantine myself today (with my boss permission) . My hubbubu and mum both rushed home as fast as they could to spend time with me, and took turns to buy my favorite foods. Then my dad got home at his usual time to eat his dinner and feed my dog. Because everyday is usually such a rush, being able to just enjoy the small happenings through an ordinary day with the people who matter most is such a blessing. Even with a fever and achy joints. Whatever bug you are, pray u go away soon. Want to go back to work tmr. Sunset. #nofilter