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Fried Beancurd Balls with Kailan @ Zen Fut Sai Kai

Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian Restaurant @ Kitchener Road

I heard of Zen Fut Sai Kai from my grandmother for decades. Now that we have turned vegan and have lesser food options, we decided to give it a shot. The food doesn’t disappoint indeed, tastes like healthier version of local tze char. Was introduced this signature dish – Fried Beancurd Balls with Kailan. They have many dishes that are full of vegetables so I personally opt for those rather than mock meats. The flavours are also very local and tasty.  No wonder they have been around for decades! Also affordable at $20+ for 3 dishes. Will be back to try other dishes. — Address: 147 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208524 Tel: +65 62912350 Operating Hours: Tue-Sun: 10am – 930pm (Closed on Mon)

Hong Sheng Restaurant Tzechar @ Toa Payoh

I have been eating this Hong Sheng Tzechar at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 for many years, it almost feels weird to be blogging it only now. I have read various reviews online that say the general flavour of the dishes at Hong Sheng lacks the umami oomph compared to other Tzechar stalls. I have to agree that Hong Sheng food tastes very cosy home cooked style, where there is less salt and MSG. For example, even the tofu, they do not use the stronger tasting egg tofu, but the more authentic white tofu. The soup is also slightly bland. So if you are looking for the strong outstanding flavours in every dish, this is not the place for you. Despite some of the not so good reviews online, be prepared to wait at Hong Sheng. If you don’t arrive by 530pm, the typical waiting time will be at least 1 hour!, so tip is to reach by 530 latest, especially if you have many pax. Tip: They are known for their Horfun, which is wrapped in …

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant Tzechar @ Jalan Besar

Having passed Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant many times and seeing so many celebrity photos and endorsements on its walls, we finally went to check it out to satisfy my curiosity! The service is not great. I got dissed trying to change tables because they initially sat us at the back, near the wall with lizards constantly invading our personal space. The wait is also incredibly long; we waited about 45 minutes for our first dish to be served. I guess they can afford the far-from-ideal service time, thanks to their good publicity over the years. Thankfully, the food was worth the wait. We tried their signature dish – Sambal Balachan Fried Fish. This is quite a killer combo of fried and spice kick in my taste buds on the first bite. Fish was crunchy with every bite! However, tip is to order a fish for 2, to share for 3 people or more. Two of us “jelat” after 80% of the fish as the dish is really oily and rich tasting. The other dishes were good …