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Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant Tzechar @ Jalan Besar

Having passed Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant many times and seeing so many celebrity photos and endorsements on its walls, we finally went to check it out to satisfy my curiosity!

Lai Huat-2

Wall of endorsements, with tables of people enjoying their food

Lai Huat-3

People enjoying their conversations while waiting (long) for the food

The service is not great. I got dissed trying to change tables because they initially sat us at the back, near the wall with lizards constantly invading our personal space. The wait is also incredibly long; we waited about 45 minutes for our first dish to be served. I guess they can afford the far-from-ideal service time, thanks to their good publicity over the years.

Thankfully, the food was worth the wait. We tried their signature dish – Sambal Balachan Fried Fish. This is quite a killer combo of fried and spice kick in my taste buds on the first bite. Fish was crunchy with every bite! However, tip is to order a fish for 2, to share for 3 people or more. Two of us “jelat” after 80% of the fish as the dish is really oily and rich tasting.

Lai Huat-11

The signature dish of Lai Huat that allowed her to earn fame – Sambal Balachan Fried Fish

Lai Huat-5

Award for Sambal Balachan Fried Fish

Lai Huat-6

Newspaper Feature on the Sambal Balachan Fried Fish

The other dishes were good as well. We had the Mee Goreng, Fried Vegetables with Fish and Tofu with Crab Meat. But the servings are smaller than the regular “small” at Tzechar stores.

Lai Huat-8

Mee Goreng – Sweet and Spicy yum!

Lai Huat-7

Fried Vegetables with Fish

Lai Huat-10

Tofu with Crab Meat

The Sambal Balachan fish was good to try once, but I wouldn’t wait so long for the regular dishes that are also smaller in portions. For regular Tzechar dishes, I would still prefer Keng Eng Kee at Alexander Village, which serves their food in 10 minutes max.

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant
Address: 72 Horne Road
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 17:00 – 01:00
Tel: 62993024

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