Fly, USA - Yellowstone National Park
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Yellowstone National Park @ Wyoming, Montana, Idado USA

I had the privilege of working at Yellowstone National Park over 1 summer in 2005. And yes, the Park is so big, it spans 3 states. Always told myself I would want to post some photos up some day, so here are some of my favourites! A pity I was a really lousy photographer back then but thank God the places are so scenic, the shots turned out not too bad anyway.

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Grand Tetons National Park. The Tetons were named by the French..after….(can u guess? :P)


Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Taken from a stop point aptly named Artist Point

"Artist" Point ver.

“Artist” Point ver.


Sunrise over Mammoth Hot Springs. Love the soft glow of the hot steaming springs.


Grand Prismatic Spring – Nature’s Beauty


Patiently waiting for herd of bison to clear the road. Once in a lifetime experience. PLUS the bisons’ head weigh more than a ton so it wouldn’t be wise to go too near!


The wolf that came right up to the car window next to me. I was so freaked out!! Thank God it dropped its head and went away after a while..



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