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One of the best lodgings in Tasmania – Avalon Rocky Hills

I hate to admit but I know I am quite a particular traveler. In cities where we will spend a lot of time out, I don’t really bother about hotel quality so long as it’s clean and decent/safe location. But because in national parks or near beaches, we tend to stay indoors to just slow down and relax, I have higher expectations I guess. So I was really looking forward to Avalon Rocky Hills, and I am so glad it didn’t disappoint me!! So thankful we landed a free night stay with the winter promotion. Avalon, rooted in Arthurian Legend, means¬†“island of paradise.” And as with all mysterious islands, it was indeed hard to find. It took us a 2km of off-the-track dirt track before we arrived to meet our lovely host, Ann. She went through in details every facility within the retreat – from books to a movable TV stand (see below video! so smart!) to bath salts to the self-contained kitchen with a freezer and fridge full of food, and a separate ARTIST …

White Villages of Andalusia, Ronda @ Spain

A day trip I am so glad we did out of Seville, Spain back in 2008, led by English speaking Paul Mcgrath. I know it is not something we think about but after a week of NOT understanding the menu, the road signs, the guides to most of the historic monuments, I was very glad to have an English guide explain the history and beauty of the White Villages of Andalusia and Ronda. The experience made the day trip so memorable. Enjoy the photos!

Flam,Voss @ Norway

Editing some old photos from Flam, Voss in 2011 trip. These were mostly taken off the train, but Norway is such a beautiful country, it is sometimes really anyhow shoot also very nice. Missing the nature…..

Yellowstone National Park @ Wyoming, Montana, Idado USA

I had the privilege of working at Yellowstone National Park over 1 summer in 2005. And yes, the Park is so big, it spans 3 states. Always told myself I would want to post some photos up some day, so here are some of my favourites! A pity I was a really lousy photographer back then but thank God the places are so scenic, the shots turned out not too bad anyway. Oh, and I finally got Eatprayflying Facebook Page up! If you are into shorter content and snippets, you can like Eatprayflying on FB!