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You Yen Seafood Restaurant

This was another recommendation by BK Asiacity, and we had You Yen @ Hua Hin for lunch before driving back to Bangkok to catch our flight home. You Yen was much less premium priced than Let’s Sea, even though it offers the same brilliant sea view. You Yen is a tiffany-blue colonial mansion, with its seating area expanded into the massive backyard. You Yen is a popular restaurant serving Thai cuisine, with many tables filled when we reached at an offpeak timing of 2pm. My favorite dish was the Deep-fried Seabass with Spicy Lemongrass Salad (470 baht). The fresh fish was fried till very crispy, and went very well with the spicy lemon sauce. Highly recommended.

Jalan Sultan Prawn Noodles @ Kallang

One of my favourite prawn noodles in Singapore is Jalan Sultan Prawn Noodles! This prawn mee was introduced by my mum who packed it home for me when I was sick and eating it actually perked me up! So I made a trip down over a weekend to check it out. Jalan Sultan Prawn Noodles is a typical Singaporean alfresco coffee shop. So tip: is to go on cooling day or pack home to eat. We felt baked on a sunny day and with the tentage keeping the heat in the alley. My personal favorite is the King Prawn Pork Rib Beehoon Soup ($8) after trying different prawn sizes, soup/dry. But even if you were to opt for regular prawn ($5), they use the same soup base brewed in prawn shells that make it really strong flavored and delicious! Their pork ribs are also tender without being over fatty. Most of the time, I get chunks of meat in the soup as well. Sometimes when I eat pork ribs prawn mee in other parts of Singapore, I get …