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Recipe: Daily Green Smoothie

We take our green smoothie every morning, thanks to my loving husband who makes them!! Yield: ~1.5litres Basic Ingredients Water – 500 ml filtered/distilled water Ginger – 1 inch 400gm dark leafy greens [1 kind a day e.g kale, kai lan, bak choy, spinach etc… which ever you prefer – always rotate your greens!] Apple – 1 [core removed] Banana – 1 Chia seed – 1.5 table spoon Other sweet fruits you can mix occasionally like mangoes, but always try to keep to 80% vegetables Simple Instructions Place Chia seeds into blender Pour the water [I like it chilled] over it and let it soak for 10 mins Wash and slice ginger, apple and banana [usually freeze banana overnight] before placing into the blender Place dark leafy greens last Blend for 40 sec. Enjoy!

Real Food

Real Food is arguably the leader of organic, vegetarian food in Singapore. They started in a humble space in Central, Clark Quay a couple of years ago even before juicing became a fad, and have expanded to 4 outlets in Singapore and Malaysia. Real Food café is free from processed ingredients (food grade or otherwise), artificial preservatives and Trans-fat. Real Food is a restaurant we frequent, and Eatprayflying is privileged to able to speak to Jeeyang, one of the founders who started Real Food to understand more about Real Food’s vision and journey. One reason why I support Real Food is because they support ethical farming and ethical food preparation which really stands out in the food industry. Real Food sources mainly from organic farmers and even if the farmers do not have enough scale to pay for organic certification, the partners personally visit the farms to ensure the food is REALly (pun intended :P) free from pesticides and toxic farming ingredients. They also take pains to ensure their food is as healthy as possible – the oils …