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Artisan Boulangerie Co. @ Killiney Road

After reading about the 6 new bakeries in Singapore, and having a big hit with Bread King, we went to check out Artisan Boulangerie Co. at Killiney Road after Sunday gym session. Artisan Boulangerie Co. is a contemporary bakery, helmed by award-winning artisan baker, Eran Mayer. When Eran Mayer was in Paris, he was a member of the Paris Chamber of Commerce for Professional Artisan Bakers,  which sounds very pro. The food and bread are no doubt, good. I had the Chicken Fusilli ($10.50) with extra Scrambled Eggs ($4). The chicken fusilli serving was small, but the fusilli was fresh, chewy and served cold. The scrambled eggs were well textured and milky. N had the ABC Breakfast (18.50), with the standard – sausage, Mesclun salad, eggs and mushrooms, which was tasty too.

La Nonna @ Namly Place

I have heard so much about La Nonna, we finally went to try it out with Ms E, since we get a good 35% Palate discount with 3 diners. La Nonna means “The Grandmother” in Italian and so La Nonna would stand for traditional, unpretentious Italian country cuisine, in a cosy restaurant. We had a little drama with the manager because when I made the reservation on a Monday, they confirmed my reservation and that the Palate promotion of 35% for 3 pax will be honoured (I specifically asked). When we arrived on Friday evening, firstly, they couldn’t find our booking. Then, they said there was no promotion that night because Sunday was a PH. Even after I showed him my call log to their restaurant landed line on that Monday before, the manager insisted I might have called the Holland V branch. After haggling for 10 minutes, he rather reluctantly allowed us 35% off still, but looking still obviously agitated, which I felt was quite bad customer service. The starters were thankfully, very impressive. …

Butter Studio @ Jalan Besar

After a disappointment along the Jalan Besar trail with Tiramisu Hero, I was a little sceptical to try another new Butter Studio Bakery. I was wondering if it was just another nicely decorated Hipster Bakery with no real substance. But Butter Studio caught my eye from across the road when I was having lunch at the Jalan Besar Food centre (which, btw, has very nice Pahang “sashimi” for $3 at the congee shop), and we decided to cross the road to try Butter Studio out. One is welcomed into the shop house by a tent over grass turf and outdoor table made from stacked up pallets. It is an easy to do set up for people to hang out outdoors. The layout of the cakes and cupcakes is very welcoming at the entrance. There are also very ornate articles like a bicycle outdoors with nice flowers in the front basket. Definitely good impressions from the decoration effort! I am welcomed by rows of interesting cakes, cupcakes, food and tarts on the left when I enter the …

Lady M – Mille Crêpe Cake

**Updated with better pictures as promised! Thanks to my dear cousins who allowed me to go back to Lady M to celebrate D&S birthday so N could get much better shots 🙂 —- After hearing so much rave about Lady M, I finally got to try it last night. And oh my, the Mille Crêpe Cake is truly mind blowing. The official site describes it as with “no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream, gently caramelized on top until golden.” I won’t try to re-describe it as it was truly…ethereal 🙂 YUMZZZZZZZZZZ (9/10!) Pity we didn’t have our DSLR, so sorry for phone camera shots quality for this post! The Checkers Cake was good as well, but totally overshadowed by the Mille Crêpe Cake. I will go back to try the Banana Mille Feuille and promise better photos next round 🙂 Tip: Take away to save on queueing time and service charge! —- Address: Marina Square Shopping Mall 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-103 Singapore 039594