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Butter Studio @ Jalan Besar

After a disappointment along the Jalan Besar trail with Tiramisu Hero, I was a little sceptical to try another new Butter Studio Bakery. I was wondering if it was just another nicely decorated Hipster Bakery with no real substance. But Butter Studio caught my eye from across the road when I was having lunch at the Jalan Besar Food centre (which, btw, has very nice Pahang “sashimi” for $3 at the congee shop), and we decided to cross the road to try Butter Studio out.

Butter Studio-1

One is welcomed into the shop house by a tent over grass turf and outdoor table made from stacked up pallets. It is an easy to do set up for people to hang out outdoors. The layout of the cakes and cupcakes is very welcoming at the entrance. There are also very ornate articles like a bicycle outdoors with nice flowers in the front basket. Definitely good impressions from the decoration effort!

Butter Studio-21

Butter Studio-20

I am welcomed by rows of interesting cakes, cupcakes, food and tarts on the left when I enter the bakery! So colorful and cute!! My favourite design is the “Over the rainbow” cupcake! The server is also friendly, and I find out from him that apparently this is the second Butter Studio shop. The first is in the Changi Airport but that one is just a booth and not a sit down cafe. Also, they named the place “Studio” because they took over from a photo studio, so they decided to keep part of the name. The fact that there are 2 outlets makes me feel a bit more reassured about the food quality!

I found out through some research that apparently, Butter Studio does not use any preservatives or stabilizers and bake in limited quantities daily with the best possible ingredients – Australian butter, European style sweet butter cream and fresh fruits. I am glad to know the foods are as fresh as they look!

Butter Studio-9

Savoury Foods @ Butter Studio

Butter Studio-7

Dark Chocolate Tart; definitely trying this the next time I am back

Butter Studio-6

Pretty Cupcakes @ Butter Studio

Butter Studio-5

Monster Cupcakes. SO CUTE!

Butter Studio-4

My favourite decor on a cupcake – “Over the Rainbow”

Butter Studio-3


Butter Studio-2

More cupcakes!

Butter Studio-10

I feel like buying this Christmas Loaf because it is so fitting into the season and it is so pretty 🙂 @ Butter Studio

The interior is also embellished with a lot of random pretty ornaments. There is also some notebooks for sale. 

Butter Studio-11

Butter Studio-14

Butter Studio’s Interior and Seats

Butter Studio-13

Looks right out of Goods of Desire

Eventually, for drinks, we ordered a Flat White, Long Black and Hot Chocolate. The Long Black ($4) is good – strong, acidic flavour, but not for those who do not like very strong coffee flavour. The Hot Chocolate ($5) is nice and sweet, as it was supposed to be. The Flat White ($5), however, is a tad disappointing – weak coffee flavour and personally too much milk for me. But the drinks are decent, for a place that anchors themselves for their baked goods and not coffee.

Butter Studio-17

Hot Chocolate

Butter Studio-16

Flat White and Long Black

And finally, time to put the baking to the test, we had the Seasalt Caramel Nutella Tart ($6.90). OH MAN, this is as good as it looks below. Rich Nutella blended well with the salt to give it both the savoury and sweet flavour. The tart is crusty, strong and doesn’t break easily but not dry either. Nice!!

Butter Studio-8

Seasalt Caramel Nutella Tart – YUMZ!

It is a cosy cafe to watch the crew make coffee in a home kitchen like environment, occasionally swooning over the newly baked foods. I will definitely be back to try the other desserts and tarts and I will go with an emptier stomach the next time!

Butter Studio-12

Like a Home Kitchen

Butter Studio-19

People Watch over a Cuppa

Butter Studio-15

Happiness in Butter Form =D

Butter Studio
Address: 147 Jalan Besar (Sun-Thurs 12-11pm/ Fri, Sat 12-12mn/ Tues closed)
Tel: 6543 9809

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