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Cafe Melba @ Goodman Arts Centre

We were looking for dog-friendly cafe after bringing my fluff to NEX, and Cafe Melba Cafe came to mind. Given that it was only a replacement Public Holiday on a Monday (half the people I know were still working), Melba Cafe was relatively crowded. By the way, I suspected and later confirmed that Melba stands for Melbourne (MELB) and Asia (A), so the food is supposed to be Asian interpretations of Australasian dishes.


Cafe Melba, Exterior


Cafe Melba, Exterior


Cafe Melba, Interior


Cafe Melba Bar 


Cosy table setting

We sat outdoor where it was cosy but also quite warm, and my dog was happily pampered by the children around. We had the Haddock and Chips ($24), Crayfish Linguine ($27)and Chili Crab Calzone ($22). All 3 of us enjoyed the food!


Fluff enjoying the attention


Battered Haddock and Chips, served with lemon, malt vinegar and tartare sauce

The Crayfish Linguine  is cooked Al Dente, and the crayfish bisque was absorbed well into the linguine, giving the pasta a juicy texture. At the same time, the red peppers complemented the roasted crayfish, while the rocket gave the dish a bitter after taste. Complex dish with a Western-Asian blend indeed.


Crayfish Linguine


Crayfish Linguine

The Chili Crab Calzone is like Cheese Prata with Chili Crab, angmoh style; crab meat, egg, spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese with every bite. Very big and fluffy calzone. My dog ate half of my calzone, and my dog is a much more fussy eater than me, so this is testimony to the food tantalizing taste and smell!


Chili Crab Calzone, like a giant curry puff



Chili Crab Calzone, lightly burnt and crispy


Oozing Chili Crab and Cheese out of Chili Crab Calzone

Overall, quite an expensive meal for 3 adults and 1 dog, but ok for an occasional treat. Plus there really isn’t that many cafes that allow dogs to co-sit with humans so I am glad to be able to bring my dog on a great food outing!



Yoghurt, a new friend for Fluff!

Cafe Melba
Address: 90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, Block N #01-56, Singapore 439053
Operating Hours: Weekdays – 10.00am – 10.00pm, Weekends & Public Holidays – 8:30am – 10:00pm
Tel: 6440 6068




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