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Kombi Rocks Diner @ Yio Chu Kang Road

Kombi Rocks Diner is the v2 of Koon Kee Restaurant (established 1971), serving Thai and Chinese recipes passed down for three generations. The owner’s wife is Thai so you will find some Thai fusion into the menu choices. Kombi (I know it more as the VW Camper) has been made in Brazil since 1957 but production ends this year. There are only 13 Kombis in Singapore, and I believe the owner of the cafe owns 4-5 of them.  So if you are a Kombi Fan, or have friends (like our dear friend, M) who are Kombi Fans, this is a must go in Singapore to see the rows of Kombi parked outside the diner. This diner event rents out Kombis, and sells a selection of vintage memorabilia for wedding shoots if you need.

NOX – Dine in the Dark @ Beach Road

We decided to celebrate our 100th days of marriage at NOX Restaurant, which is Singapore’s version of dining in darkness. On top of it potentially being an interesting experience, we also wanted to do our little bit to help with the visually impaired in Singapore. As NOX website describes, we are constantly having sensory stimulation. Especially in our modern fast paced environment, our senses are nearly overwhelmed, always having new news to look at, new information to feed into our brains, new people to talk to. So the concept of NOX – Dine in the Dark, is to compel us to be more conscious of our remaining senses since we cannot see, thus heightening our ability to smell, feel and taste! As NOX describes, the experience is to “temporarily surrender one of your dominant senses, sight, in exchange for enhancing the other four, allowing you to completely re-evaluate your perception of the world around you”. When you first enter the restaurant on the first floor, the host will brief on all the necessary logistics – …

Sushi Airways 寿司航空 Sushi Bar @ Kampong Glam area

Wanted to meet a long time friend for catchup and she wanted Japanese, so decided to try out Sushi Airways! It can be a tad hard to find as it is on the second floor, so this is the shot of it from across the street to make life easier for you guys who want to try it out. Sushi Airways is a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar crafted after the interiors of an aircraft cabin. It can be a bit tacky looking especially with the service staff dressed as air stewardesses, but Theme Restaurants (click to see some bizarre concepts like prison themed restaurants) are big hits in Japan and I must recognize this place for the creative concept! Furthermore, Sushi Airways offers affordable set lunches and has an extensive ala carte selection of fresh seafood flown in four times a week from Japan. Tempted by the very good food photography in the menu, I ordered the Airways Baru Chirashi Sushi set ($15) with chopped salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and hotate. The ingredients were chopped with …