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Taiwan: Alishan 阿里山 – Fen Qi Hu 奮起湖 and 53.1 Homestay Min Su 民宿 (Taiwan Travel Review Series)

From Taipei, we took the High Speed Rail (HSR) to Chiayi to get to Alishan (阿里山). We chose 53.1 Homestay Min Su (民宿) from very good online reviews on its location, friendliness of hosts and cleanliness.  53.1 Homestay Min Su (民宿) arranged a taxi for us (NTD$2000, SGD80+) which picked us up from the Chiayi HSR station to bring us to Fen Qi Hu (奮起湖, also spelled at Fen Chi Hu) and then drive us to 53.1 at Alishan. Including the stop at Fen Qi Hu, the total journey was ~3.5 hours. For those we are prone to motion sickness like me, tip: I highly recommend you to take motion sickness pills and sit at the front of the taxi. The ride is windy and quite bumpy!


Pretty Cherry Blossoms welcomed us at Fen Qi Hu (奮起湖)

Fenqihu (奮起湖) has a long history that can be traced back to 100+ years before the opening of the Alishan Forest Railways in 1912.  As I learnt from the official Alishan site, Fenqihu is surrounded by mountains on three sides and with the ground low and flat, it looks like a bamboo dust pan (fen qi) and, when embraced by mist and cloud, it looks like a lake (hu), so the area earned its name as Fenqihu. The Alishan Forest Railway which runs through Fenqihu was built around 1912 by the Japanese during the occupation, which made Fenqihu a popular stop for lunch. According to historical writeups, “back in the days when the only way to reach Alishan was by rail, Fenchihu was the largest and most significant halfway point station that lumberjacks and workers would take a rest and have lunch.”


Fen Qi Hu (奮起湖) Train Station



Model of what the historical train system looks like




Historic trains exhibited

Hence, Fen Qi Hu is known for its Bian Tang (便當, Lunch takeaways) and Mochis. I like the traditional old town feel in Fen Qi Hu. I also appreciate the effort the locals have take to preserve the traditional trains that used to run through the are and also preserving the unique Bian Tang food culture unique to Fen Qi Hu.


Ah Liang shop for its Bian Tang (便當, Lunch takeaways)


Chicken rice for lunch


Historical Bian Tang place – pork for lunch



Popular Bian Tian shop among tourists

We chanced upon a very good kurobuta pork jerky store that comes in wasabi, black pepper and almond flavours. Recommend to buy back as snack/souveneirs!


Kurobuta pork jerky store

Literally 混蛋 heh.. mixed eggs

The Mochis in Fen Qi Hu (奮起湖甜甜圈) are fresh and soft. Recommend to try the black skinned mochi that is the black sugar flavor that is native to Taiwan; a lot of the other mocha flavours can be found in Singapore already. 奮起湖甜甜圈  also sell good freshly baked cheese donuts.

FQH+53.1 Min Su-20

Exterior of 奮起湖甜甜圈



Pretty mochis at 奮起湖甜甜圈

FQH+53.1 Min Su-19

Raw donut doughs



After 3.5 hours, I was very glad to arrive at 53.1 Minsu (民宿), which is a lot more modern looking than how I imagined. It is also the most modern structure in the mountain areas. 53.1 Minsu is a 2 storey home with glass panels from ceiling to floor, allowing for majestic views from within the Minsu. The hosts, Mr Cai and his wife, Lily, together with their 2 children live on Level 1, renting out the 3 rooms on level 2 to guests.

FQH+53.1 Min Su-25

Modern looking 53.1 民宿

FQH+53.1 Min Su-24

Room 53.1

FQH+53.1 Min Su-22

Room 53.1 – inside

FQH+53.1 Min Su-23

Room 53.1 – Spacious and clean washroom

FQH+53.1 Min Su-58

Room 53.2 – ceiling to floor windows for better view

FQH+53.1 Min Su-57

Room 53.2

FQH+53.1 Min Su-59

Room 53.2 – love the view!

FQH+53.1 Min Su-62

FQH+53.1 Min Su-61

Roomy backyard of 53.1 to hang out


Cosy inside of 53.1

FQH+53.1 Min Su-45

Many handwritten testimonials in the dining area of 53.1

FQH+53.1 Min Su-46

View from the dining area

FQH+53.1 Min Su-47

Helly Kitty Galore in 53.1 Common area

FQH+53.1 Min Su-48

Cute tea set for the Christmas season

FQH+53.1 Min Su-63

Breakfast area, view from the backyard

FQH+53.1 Min Su-64

Herbal tea egg for breakfast

FQH+53.1 Min Su-49

FQH+53.1 Min Su-50

Hearty home cooked breakfast of 53.1

53.1 Minsu is very conveniently located right next to a great spot to view the famous Alishan Sunset. One can climb up the trail in the backyard of 53.1 to view the famous Cloud Ocean (雲海) and Tea Plantations. The trail can take up to hours to complete so do ensure you plan to return before 5pm as the sun sets early especially in winter.


Hiking track, right outside 53.1 Minsu


10 DegC is a nice temperature to climb!

FQH+53.1 Min Su-27

Slow climb up the trek

FQH+53.1 Min Su-28

still climbing…

FQH+53.1 Min Su-26

Sea of clouds… worth the climb 🙂

FQH+53.1 Min Su-31

Love the 雲海 view

FQH+53.1 Min Su-30

Slow descent to the tea plantations

FQH+53.1 Min Su-38

Endless rows of tea

FQH+53.1 Min Su-29 FQH+53.1 Min Su-32 FQH+53.1 Min Su-33 FQH+53.1 Min Su-34 FQH+53.1 Min Su-35 FQH+53.1 Min Su-36 FQH+53.1 Min Su-37

Camped outside 53.1 waiting for the famous Alishan sunset, and she didn’t disappoint with her glory…

FQH+53.1 Min Su-40

Amazing Alishan Sunsets with a bird soaring in the foreground

FQH+53.1 Min Su-39

Breath-taking beauty

Before my trip, I always thought Alishan was a particular mountain. So I learnt on this trip that Alishan is actually a whole mountain range, and that 53.1 is still 1 hour from the main Alishan attraction where the historic trains and Sacred Tree (神木) station is. However, the public bus stop is right outside 53.1, and you can get to the main Alishan attraction in 1 hour. When I look at the crowds staying at the main Alishan attraction, I am glad we chose 53.1 for a quieter, homely stay. It also helps that you can see both the sunsets (right next to 53.1) and sunrise (Xi DIng viewpoint 200m from 53.1) from 53.1 Minsu.

FQH+53.1 Min Su-41

Viewpoint to catch the sunrise (~7am) where the sun will rise behind the highest peak of Alishan

FQH+53.1 Min Su-44

View of 53.1 Minsu from the VIewpoint. Yup, it is THAT close..

FQH+53.1 Min Su-43

Fiery, gorgeous sunrise

FQH+53.1 Min Su-42

Cherry Blossoms, with Alishan sunrise in the background

On day 2 in Alishan, after our visit to the main Alishan attraction, we returned to Mr Cai and Lily’s tea shop right opposite 53.1 for tea tasting. It was educational learning about the different types of tealeaves grown in the Alishan area. For example, the tea leaves grown in higher altitudes tend to have stronger tannin aftertaste. It was the first time I could really smell and taste the difference in the various types of Chinese teas.

FQH+53.1 Min Su-53

Mr Cai tea tasting session

FQH+53.1 Min Su-51 FQH+53.1 Min Su-54 FQH+53.1 Min Su-55 FQH+53.1 Min Su-56

Mr Cai's tea shop name card

Mr Cai’s tea shop name card

After tea tasting, Mr Cai drove us to aboriginal Youbasi (means rich in the native tribal language) Restaurant, where we got to try some very traditional native tribal food of the aborigines. The rice was traditionally cooked in bamboo, given the starchy short grain rice a very unique taste. The Shrimp Wine is very unique but has a very STRONG shrimp taste. Imagine taking 100 dried shrimps flavor and compressing it into an alcoholic drink. We do not recommend to people who do not usually like prawns and shrimps. I tried the Honey Wine, which was sweet but comes with dead bees, for a true tribal experience.


Aboriginal Youbasi restaurant


Dead bees in the Honey beer


Prawn Beer… only recommended for the true prawn lovers.

How rice is served traditionally in he tribes - in a bamboo

How rice is served traditionally in he tribes – in a bamboo

Mountain vegetables lightly tossed in oil

Mountain vegetables lightly tossed in oil

Spacious Youbasi Restaurant

Spacious Youbasi Restaurant

Mr Cai and Lily left Taipei 20 years ago to pursue a quieter lifestyle in the Alishan mountain range, and adopted a simple content lifestyle running their tea shop across the road from 53.1, and 53.1 minsu. They regard all the guests who stay at their minsu as their friends. Their mindset explains why their hospitality outflows naturally – from turning on the GPS to ensure we only go out to the bus stop when the bus is near and not waiting out in the cold, to Mr Cai coming out to the bus stop to ensure we know which public bus to stop, to Lily explaining to us in details which stop to buy the tickets for when we have to return from Alishan main attraction back to 53.1. Conversations with Mr Cai, Lily and their children gave us a lot of insights into local Taiwan culture and perspectives, and made the homestay very sincere and meaningful. Highly recommended homestay! The only watchout during winter is that there is no heating, so do request for the portable heating station or pack on the heat packs under the blanket!

FQH+53.1 Min Su-52

Mr and Mrs Cai turning on the GPS to ensure we only go out to the bus stop when the bus is near so we don’t have to wait in the cold

電話:05-2586263 手機:0937-350191

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  1. Hey there, it was great that i bumped into your site. I’m going to Taiwan next month with my wife and I’d like to know if the temperature will still be 10degrees so we can prepare? And that tea plantation is a beautiful landscape! What camera and lens/es are you using?

    • espie36 says

      Hi! I did a quick check on the temperature – march average in Alishan should be 15deg so should be warmer.

      Thanks. Canon 100d, 18-55, f3.5-5.6.. its small and convenient for travel 🙂 enjoy!!!!

    • espie36 says

      oh and some shots on my point-and-shoot canon s100 too. you will enjoy alishan so much!! travel safe 🙂

      • Wow I wasn’t expecting it to be a Canon 100D with 18-55 and S100 since your husband is a pro photographer (sorry i checked your aboutus page hahah) The photos are awesome and inviting! It’ll be our first time to visit Taiwan so goodluck to us! Hahaha Thanks again for sharing.

        • espie36 says

          hah i think he can shoot well even on phone camera. jk. canon 100d really good on the neck when walking around whole day when traveling… the locals are very friendly so u can stop people on street to ask if u need anything¡

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  8. Jenni says

    Hi there…..
    We are planning to visit Alishan this coming June. I am very interested with this 53.1 minshu. Since you have been there, is it convenient to stay there for family ( my children are 12 and 13 years old). Is there any eateries places there? 🙂
    Very appreciate your help.
    Thanks anyway…..

    • Beatrice says

      Hey Jenni, Alishan is a mountainous area so the food isn’t so near the minsu but they do provide food within the minsu itself. Family wise is definitely ok as the rooms are spacious. Enjoy! 🙂

      <3, Eatprayflying

  9. Jenni says

    Hi Beatrice,

    Thanks for the quick response. 🙂 Actually I’m planning to spend 2 nights at Alishan. 1 night at Fenchihu and 1 night at 53.1 minshu.
    If I want to return to Chiayi, could I take the bus that passing thru 53.1 minshu?
    Or should I go back to Fenchihu to take bus or train that will bring us back to Chiayi?

    Thanks for your information, Beatrice. 🙂

    • Beatrice says

      Hi Jenni, I think you should consider 2 nights nearer Alishan to catch sunrise. Fenchihu you can do in a day trip 🙂

      Sorry I cant rmb about the bus but you can ask the 53.1 hosts and I am sure they can advise u! 🙂 enjoy!

      <3, Eatprayflying

  10. Benny says

    Hi there,

    My wife and I going to Alishan end of March and will be staying at 53.1 Homestay 🙂
    Is the weather okie? need to bring thicker clothing?

    Would like to check if the places you went to like Fenqihu and Alishan Main Attraction cater to vegetarians? My Wife is on a vegetarian diet (No meats, no Garlic, No Onion).

    • Beatrice says

      Hi Benny, I am not sure as we went in Dec. It was pretty cold then but I believe will be warmer by then!! Help me say hi to the hosts!!

      I wasn’t a vegetarian yet when I went to Taiwan but generally not very vegetarian friendly 😛

      <3, Eatprayflying

  11. saptenber yap says

    Hi, happen to be at your blog when google about 53.1minsu. Can I check the price of the taxis NT2000 is pax or per cab? U all have 3 adults right? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    • Beatrice says

      Hi, the cost was for the taxi. and we had 2 adultS! cheers

      <3, Eatprayflying

  12. Melinda says

    just wanted to thank you for the detail on your blog! I am planning my trip for April, and reading your blog is making me so excited! Thank you!! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Beatrice says

      Thanks for encouragement and enjoy fun trip in April!! 🙂

  13. Hi there, I’ll be heading to Alishan for 2d1n in early April!

    However I’m still quite confuse on how to get there from Chia yi hsr, kindly share your experience and also if you’ve any idea of vegetarian meals there?

    Thank you!

    • Beatrice says

      Hi V, we took a day trip with a taxi from Chiayi to fenqihu then to Alishan! 53.1 helped us to arrange this.
      And sorry, at that time I wasn’t vegan yet so wasn’t looking out for vegetarian! Do let me know if u find good ones 🙂

  14. LPY says

    Hi, Came upon ur website while looking for alisan minsu.. Any idea how do i contact the minsu owner for booking?

  15. WY says

    Hi, nice pictures!! we are planning a trip to Alishan this June. What will be the temp like cause i read that the minsu has no air con?

    • Beatrice says

      Hi! It should be around 15-22 degs so will be comfortable with aircon I believe 🙂


  16. Kim says

    Hi, how do I book 53.1 minsu? The previous website posted no longer works. Do they have an email?

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  19. Hi. May I know the price for a room? I need to see if I could squeeze this in, for my budget.

    And is the bus from minsu to fenqihu frequent?

    Thank you. Love your photos.

  20. Karen says

    Hello Beatrice,

    Thank you for your post 🙂 May I know how many nights you stayed at 53.1 Minsu? How many nights do you recommend? Thank you!

    • Cheng Nicholas says

      Hi Karen, thank you for contacting us. We stayed there for 2 nights and it was way too short! There are lots to see around the area and explore Alishan attractions on the mountain top. If you like nature I’d suggest staying for another night or 2. It is worth climbing the back are of the house in the evening to watch the tea leaves farmers & heading to the front of the house to watch the 云海 in the morning. A refreshing experience especially for us who are city dwellers =D

  21. bee ling says

    Hi, I plan to stay in fenqihu 1 night and 53.1 minsu a night. then take a bus to alishan for a day trip and come back to minsu. what do you think ?

    • Cheng Nicholas says

      Hi Bee Ling, yes certainly, a day trip is a great idea. In fact if you stay at 53.1 there is a direct bus that goes straight to Ali Shan. Just ask the Super friendly owners and they’ll advice on the bus times! Hope you have a blast in Taiwan!!

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