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Taiwan: Taipei – Hope Hotel 全家歡商務旅店 and Cosmos Hotel 天成大飯店 (Taiwan Travel Review Series)

As we had 2 legs of our tour in Taipei, we spent 2 nights in Hope Hotel (全家歡商務旅店) and 1 night in Cosmos Hotel.

Hope Hotel (全家歡商務旅店 ) was very affordable at around NTD$1500 (SGD$60) per night. It looks sleazy but it isn’t. It is a very simple no frills room with basic bedding, 1 pillow each, clean toilets and heating. But for city visits, where we usually spend very little time in the hotel rooms but outside exploring the city, I think Hope Hotel meets our needs and is very centrally located at exit Z6 from the Taipei Main Station.


Colourful Hope Hotel in Taipei


Cheerful Colours, Hope Hotel, Taipei


Simple decor


Hope Hotel (全家歡商務旅店)
Address: 台北市中正區忠孝西路一段72號4樓
Phone 預約電話: 02-23814755

Cosmos Hotel (天成大飯店) was relatively expensive but that is because we booked it at very last minute on Dec 30 for Dec 31 stay, when we did a slight tweak to the itinerary. Like Hope Hotel, it is extremely convenient from Taipei Main Station (Exit M3), but it has a lot of nice facilities that Hope Hotel lacks – entry only by security card at lift for added security, nice Japanese toilet bowl with bidet washes, strong heating, comfortable beds, breakfast buffet included. Cosmos will look like it is a hotel from the 90s at first sight but it is a very comfortable stay. We suspect Cosmos Hotel serve many Japanese customers from all the Japanese signs and food within Cosmo Hotel.


Small but comfortable room


Small but comfortable room


View of the Taiwan Main Station from Cosmos Hotel


Jap style toilet seat with heating and wash!!

The Cosmos Hotel serve a decent big spread at breakfast, with selection of Western and Chinese food.


Big Dining Hall @ Cosmos Hotel


Decent Breakfast @ Cosmos before flying back home!

Cosmos Hotel (天成大飯店)
Address: No. 43, Sec. 1, Chung Hsiao West Road.,Taipei City 100, Taiwan / 天成大飯店 100台北市忠孝西路一段43號 ( 捷運台北車站M3號出口 )
Phone: +886-2-2311-8901

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