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Taiwan: Taipei – Shi Lin Night Market 士林夜市 (Taiwan Travel Review Series)

Shi Lin Night Market (士林夜市) is the ultimate Taiwan night market experience with overload of our senses: smells, noises, huge selection yummylicious food – oyster egg, steak, innards, teppanyaki. Shi Lin was very enjoyable for us in December as we could enjoy the walk and food without the rain or humidity.

For this post, we must apologize for some poor res photos as we focused only on eating so all shots are shot on camera!


Shi Lin Night Market (士林夜市) – Entrance


Shi Lin Night Market (士林夜市) crowd on 2013 New Year’s Eve

On Level 1, we tried:

Chicken Chop – loads of MSG, Pepper and Oil. Much better than any I have tried in Singapore though it is the same “Hao Da Da” brand.


Big Intestine Wrap Small Intestine (大腸包小腸) with garlic – very strong meaty flavor. This is Taiwanese version of hot dog, which is a pork sausage wrapped in a glutinous rice sausage. Must have for all who love sausages but be prepared to queue! Right outside the Ci Qian temple in the heart of Shilin Night Market.


Big Intestine Wrap Small Intestine (大腸包小腸) – Be ready to queue for at least 5 minutes

Ah Liang Mian Xian (阿亮麵線),  also near Ci Qian Temple. Strong seafood zingy soup, with soft mian xian. Highly recommend with vinegar and chili that enhances the oyster flavor, and eat at road side for the complete night market experience. Tastes different, but as great as Ah Zhong Mian Xian at Ximending.


Ah Liang Mian Xian (阿亮麵線) – Stall


Sharing decades old formula of Ah Liang Mian Xian (阿亮麵線)

Leeks Wrapped in Beef – Tasted Japanese due to Teriyaki Marination. Well grilled juicy crunchy vegetables


Leeks Wrapped in Beef


Serious grilling in process

Prince Cheese – Club Potato with Brocolli, Ham, Egg, all soaked in melty orange cheese. Recommend to share as this is very rich and filling.


Minimum 10 minutes queue; queue supposedly all day round!



Generous toppings in Prince Cheese


Calling all cheese lovers….


Showing all the toppings on Prince Cheese

Fried Milk Cubes


Soft and nougaty on the inside, Crispy on the outside!

Tea – Milk Tea, Dong Gua Tea


All sorts of milk and melon teas! Just nice to keep awake for the countdown into 2014

In Basement 1, we tried:

Oyster Egg – Well cooked eggs but starchier and not as crispy as Singapore’s Oyster Egg


Many kinds of omelettes


Oyster Egg – Well cooked eggs but starchier and not as crispy as Singapore’s Oyster Egg


Another oyster egg stall – making of a full omelette


Another oyster egg stall – making of a full omelette

Beef Steak – 30 year old stall with peppery fiery sauce, fried egg and pasta. Very good value for 150NTD (~SGD$6)


Steaming beef steak. Proud stall owner who has been opened for 30 years!


The exact stall name, if you want to visit!

Peanut Biscuit wrapped in more biscuit (大餅包小餅) – this was just ok for me only. Too much carbs and starch!




The final 大餅包小餅

All sorts of food we didn’t have enough tummy to try!



Fresh grilled stuffs


Fried stuff..


More fried stuff…


胡椒餅; Crispy Pepper Spring Onion Bun, same chain as the ones found in Rao He Night Market.


Self Explanatory buns..


Traditional sweet Bing Tang Hulu (冰糖葫芦, Candied Haw in a Stick)


Ginormous sausages


Fried crabs


More fried crabs

The road side stalls shopping felt like a break from the eating! I bought really random stuff like 1 pair of earrings made in Taiwan, 2 combs made from bamboo and wood, and Birkenstocks! I learnt on this trip that Birkenstocks sandals are the cheapest in the world in Taiwan! They even have exclusive designs for Taiwan market. Sigh, and I just made my MIL carry back 3 pairs for my mum, hubbubu and me from UK! Next time I know where to stock up on my Birkies =)


We were aching from all the walking and trekking in the whole trip, so we stopped by randomly at this Flyfar Massage, which was NTD$800 (SGD$32) for 60 minutes full body massage. This massage is traditional Chinese Tui Na style, so highly recommended for all who love strong massages. Some parts of the massage bordered on pain at the very achy areas especially when they stepped on the back, but we felt so relieved after. N had a slight cough after the massage (only second time in his life experiencing that) and that is supposed to mean the body expelled certain bad conditions and that the masseur was very good (who was also the very friendly old masseur who let us in on very good location to watch fireworks for countdown).

Shi Lin

Even though many people say that Shi Lin’s glory days are slowly being eroding by the smaller, more convenient Night Markets like Raohe, I personally still like the crowd, buzz and variety that Shi Lin has to offer and I think all first time visitors to Taipei should still visit Shi Lin!

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