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Taiwan: Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園 Lodging/Hotel – Leader Village 立德布洛灣山月村 (Taiwan Travel Review Series)

We tried 2 different hotels within Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園. The first night was spent at Leader Village 立德布洛灣山月村. From the stay, I learnt that there are mainly 2 types of tribes – 1 in the mountains and 1 on flat lands/sea (like Amei tribe), and Bruwan (布洛灣), meaning “echo,” used to be a tribal village of the Taroko mountain tribe aborigines.

The rooms were fairly basic, reflective of its tribal village roots and did not have heating. However, thankfully, they had a heating pad on bed so we didn’t freeze in the wintry mountains.


Simple, tribal room decor

Simple, tribal room decor

Beds on floor, with heating pads on the bed

Beds on floor, with heating pads on the bed


Learnt that many of the these traditional tribes are Christians as they were evangelized to by the early missionaries

Leader Village 立德布洛灣山月村 gives a good flavour of traditional tribal village experience, with nightly cultural dance shows. Also, one wakes to an amazing mountaineous view with Taroko National Park. Tip: to eat breakfast, you have to greet the staff with “Maluku”, which means good morning in their tribal language!


Panoramic view of Leader Village 立德布洛灣山月村


View from our room, Leader Village 立德布洛灣山月村


Plum Blossoms outside our room


View from breakfast area

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