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Taiwan: Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園 Lodging/Hotel – Silks Place 太鲁阁晶英酒店 (Taiwan Travel Review Series)

Silks Place 太鲁阁晶英酒店 in Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園 was the most amazing stay experience. Even our local guide said it had the best hotel in the area, and it was not difficult to see why.  Our “Honeymoon Package Studio Room” package for 1 night included:

The Complimentary Service at The Retreat Lounge
The Silks Place Breakfast
The Afternoon Tea  (PM 15:00 ~ 18:00)
The evening Red wine white wine (PM 17:00 ~ PM18:00)
The Indoor Parking
The Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool
The Tennis, The Kid’s Club-Playground
The Yoga & The Fitness Room
The Wireless Internet at Retreat Lounge
The Round Trip from Airport or Train Station
The Half Day Tour
The Daily Fresh Fruits
The Daily Newspaper
The Mini Bar
The Evening Turndown Service

Silks Place was built to truly wow and relax. While the hotel looks simple from outside, but beautiful, grand reception.


Beautiful, grand reception

After we reach the reception, we are first brought to the Retreat Room for snacks and drinks (free flow red and white wine!) while they manage our check in.


Outdoor area outside the Retreat Room, where they occasionally hold performances and cultural shows


Refreshing ourselves while checking in

The Honeymoon Studio room is extremely spacious, with walk-in washroom and wardrobe, with super comfortable bed. There are also free flow drinks from the mini bar, apples and night snacks at turn down.

Silks Place + Chinese Food-1

Walk-in washroom and wardrobe

Silks Place + Chinese Food-2

Walk-in washroom and wardrobe

Silks Place + Chinese Food-3

Spacious comfortable king size bed

Silks Place + Chinese Food-4

Room layout

Silks Place + Chinese Food-5

All the details – even the blanket is branded

Silks Place + Chinese Food-6

Snacks after sundown service

We also exquisite Chinese dinner at Mei Yuan restaurant within Silks Place – Favourites were Scallops with XO sauce, Braised Pork. The only dish I didn’t really like was the fish that was a tad frozen tasting.

Silks Place + Chinese Food-7

Mei Yuan restaurant, Silks Place Taroko

Silks Place + Chinese Food-8

Mei Yuan restaurant, private tables for small groups

Silks Place + Chinese Food-9

Our table. Simple, classy decor

Silks Place + Chinese Food-10

Cold Platter – Crab Meat, Sauteed Duck

Silks Place + Chinese Food-15

Lotus Pork Rib Soup – yum

Silks Place + Chinese Food-11

Fried wild vegetables tempuras

Silks Place + Chinese Food-12

Mango Prawn with raisins and fruits – refreshing

Silks Place + Chinese Food - Feature

Silks Place + Chinese Food-13

My favourite dish for the night – Scallops with XO sauce

Silks Place + Chinese Food-14

Another well done dish – Braised Pork

Silks Place + Chinese Food-16

The only dish that was just soso for me because the fish tasted a tad frozen

Silks Place + Chinese Food-17

Silks Place + Chinese Food-18

Healthy Fruits and a Char Siew Bun for dessert

Perhaps because we stayed there around the festive period, there was a live “A-mei tribal show” out in the balcony after dinner, that taught me more about the A-mei tribe (fishing, matriarchal tribe). They have an annual 2 day 1 night festival where they give thanks to their gods for the year with a lot of song, dance and rice wine. Because of their matriarchal system, their symbol is the sun which represents mother, and the colour of their traditional costume is red to represent feminism as well.

A-mei Tribal show

A-mei Tribal show

Silks Place has beautiful amenities and facilities, including outdoor movie show at night, pool, tennis, jacuzzi, indoor lego and wii for kids. They also provide a free shuttle to Hualien and they specially arranged 1 for us that goes directly to station (vs going to airport then station) to ensure we will be in time for our 1pm train – such great service! Highly recommended if you want to pamper yourselves in Taroko National Park!

Huge area to keep kids entertained!

Huge area to keep kids entertained!

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