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Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant @ Bencoolen Street

Accordingly to CNN, the supposedly ‘original’ Fatty Weng Cantonese Restaurant – Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant  – is one of the 5 best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. I heard so much about it but never tried so we decided to bring my parents one weekday night after work.

Fatty Weng-1

Typical traditional Chinese Tzechar restaurant in Singapore

This is good value for families; we had many dishes paid $77 for 4 people. However, the food reviews even among 4 of us were mixed. N liked the food, while my mum and I personally found the food generally bland. Nonetheless, this is good try for families at least once. If you prefer sublter (and i assume healthier) tastes for some of the dishes, this will be a good repeat. Personally though, only a few dishes stood out. Am going to rank the dishes by my preference!

1) Favourite – Home Made Tofu ($8) drizzled with Enoki, regular mushrooms and starchy brown sauce. I like the strong egg flavour in this crispy tofu, and the sauce was a good blend with the tofu without being overly salty.

Fatty Weng-6

2) Black Pepper Venison ($14) –   The venison is not too spicy and very, very tender, prepared with spices and sliced onion. Good cooking as venison usually ends up tough and try in tze char stores.

Fatty Weng-4

3) Chilli Kang Kong ($8)

Crunchy fresh vegetables with fried chili and spices. Spicy and nice!

Fatty Weng-5

4) Meat Rolls aka Ngoh Hiang($8)

*Unhealthy alert* Tasty rich flavours! Homemade and unique dish, the taste of the flavorful ingredients are enhanced by the frying.

Fatty Weng-9

5) Fried Cereal Prawns with Dates ($17).

This was a weird cereal prawn dish for me. It was not the usual sweet nor salty. It was really like… normal cereal. But prawns were fresh.

Fatty Weng-8

6) Fried Rice with Shrimps ($6)

Another bland dish.. but I guess healthy for older folks who can’t take too much sodium. I will pass on this if I head back.

Fatty Weng-2

7) Singapore Fried Bee Hoon ($5)

Not quite the usual xingzhou beehoon one would expect.. also bland.

Fatty Weng-3

If you do visit, suggest the first 4 dishes and also many other tables had crab dishes on them, so might be good try too!
Address: 01-31 Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street
Tel: +65 6338 1087
Operating hours: Daily noon–2:30 p.m, 5:15 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

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