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The Best Fitness Tracker

It doesn’t matter how many sensors you have — it’s how you use them. Reposted with permission from  The 3 Best Fitness Trackers Best Fitness Tracker Under $100 Garmin Vivofit 3 A low-profile, reasonably priced fitness tracker that still delivers on all of the necessities. It comes with a small built-in display that lets […]

Weight Loss – Update #1

After 40 days since my first step to healthy living and sustainable weight loss, I have had a few private queries on my progress. Since I promised to be publicly accountable, I have been to 9 Personal Training sessions, and lost about 3kg. It is still a longgggggggggg way to go from my fitness goals […]

Confessing My Struggle – Weight Loss

Today, I started on a serious fitness journey that I have been thinking about for the last 2 years – starting my very first session with a personal trainer. Decided to get myself an early birthday present by investing in my health 🙂 My weight has been something I struggled with all my life. I […]