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Adam Taste @ Thomson V Two

After a great tipoff from the Vegetarian Society folks, we managed to find Adam Taste at Thomson V Two and it was a great find! Newly opened on 20th Sep too! It is a very spacious, comfortable cafe.. I guess it is a tradeoff – you can have a much bigger area in a place […]

Nabehide Japanese Hotpot Dining @ Alexandra Road

Nabehide Japanese Hotpot, above established eatery Gyukaku, was a surprise find through Palate, where members can get 50% off if 2 of us dine. So, on a Friday night, we were glad to find a new healthy hotpot restaurant that was quiet and spacious for us to have a good chat. Nabehide Japanese Hotpot is […]

Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant @ Zhongshan Park

Firstly, for all who have not been to Zhongshan Park along Balestier, I highly recommend it for grocery shopping (Fairprice Finest) for those who live in the area. Zhongshan Park, though it has a very Chinese sounding name, is a modern hotel cluster comprising Ramada Hotel and Days Hotel. The Fairprice Finest is spacious and […]