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Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant @ Zhongshan Park

Firstly, for all who have not been to Zhongshan Park along Balestier, I highly recommend it for grocery shopping (Fairprice Finest) for those who live in the area. Zhongshan Park, though it has a very Chinese sounding name, is a modern hotel cluster comprising Ramada Hotel and Days Hotel. The Fairprice Finest is spacious and eco-friendly, with wide aisles and great selection. They also have a dog-friendly pub – Starker Fresh Beer (Stärker Frisches Bier) with a great nice lawn to chillout.

Just below Fairprice Finest, there is a Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant, so we went for the Kurobuta Pork Set for 2 at $39.80. It comes with 2 types of soup base you can choose from, so we chose Pork Broth and Sweet and Sour.


Yuan Yang Hot Pot – you can choose 2 types of soup base with the set


All the Vegetables and sides that comes with the set


Fresh, Thinly sliced meats that were easy to cook!

There are also many different sauces to pick from. I enjoy the spacious restaurant, fresh meats and pretty good value meal especially after 20% discount promotion! For their opening promotion, they have the below promotion but not sure when it will be taken off. Good for families!

Crystal Jade Steamboat Promo

Picture from pdf from

Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant
Zhong Shan Mall #01-18
20 Ah Hood Rd, Singapore 329984
T: (65) 6339 0283

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