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Nabehide Japanese Hotpot Dining @ Alexandra Road

Nabehide Japanese Hotpot, above established eatery Gyukaku, was a surprise find through Palate, where members can get 50% off if 2 of us dine. So, on a Friday night, we were glad to find a new healthy hotpot restaurant that was quiet and spacious for us to have a good chat.


Japanese ambience

Nabehide Japanese Hotpot is a colonial building almost a century cold, right outside Anchorpoint (opposite Queensway and IKEA).  Because the building is so old, no fire is allowed, so the owner and management took effort to import all the heating equipment (cast iron pots using charcoal to heat) from Japan that allows for quick and clean heating without fire. This means the quality meats can heat slowly and be kept warm, rather than being overheated quickly. However, the heat spreads out quickly and evenly, which makes the heating rim on the table warm but not hot, so you don’t have to afraid of burning yourself on the sides while cooking.


Cast iron pots imported from Japan, using charcoal to heat evenly

Nabehide is born out of a need to serve the folks who are looking for healthy Japanese option (vs BBQ at Gyukaku, which is owned by the same owner).  And the food does not disappoint. The ingredients are premium, with amazing interesting soy Tonyu Dashi soup base (Tip: Pre-order before going to ensure they have limited quantity for this soup base). This soy base is highly alkaline, thereby perfectly complementing the pork and beef which is highly alkaline. The soy sauce also goes well with vegetables and mushrooms, and is a unique soup base I have not been able to try at other hotpot joints in Singapore. 


Vegetables cooking in soy Tonyu Dashi soup base

For our meats, we chose the Japanese Wagyu and Kurobuta pork set ($93) since we will then get to try both meats and get 50% off for 2 sets with the Palate promotion. The set also comes with a set of vegetables and mushrooms for the healthy mix.  Nabehide also provides the usual Goma and Ponzu sauce, with special sesame touch which is supposedly a special topping the owner learnt from his Indonesian friends, that complement the meats well.  These are some of the ala carte items and other soup bases to choose from:

wpid-20140110_210446.jpg wpid-20140110_210345.jpg

The staff and servers were extremely friendly. It is the first hotpot in Singapore I have eaten where they serve you eggs already cracked for you. One can tell from the effort they take to explain their menu and quality of meats that there are very proud to work in the restaurant.

Without the Palate promo, Nabehide is more premium than the usual hotpot restaurants. However, if you are looking for a spacious quiet restaurant with healthy soup base and premium quality meats, with Japanese beer selection to boot, Nabehide is a good dinner location to go. The owner also shared that he will be doing a seasonal menu (think Hokkaido specials!) when he can get fresh ingredients – looking forward to that!

Nabehide Japanese Hotpot Dining
Address: 368 Alexandra Road Level 2 Singapore 159952 (Outside Anchorpoint, Opp IKEA and Queensway Shopping Centre)
Tel: +65 6479 0368
Opening Hours: 5:30pm – 10:30pm Daily

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