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Blue Lagoon @ Reykjavík, Iceland

Updated Aug 7, 2016 – We managed to make it back in summer 2016 after our 2014 visit and I must say Blue Lagoon is more photogenic when there is more sunlight 🙂 Updated with our summer pics! Enjoy!

Blue Lagoon in Summer!!

Blue Lagoon in Summer!!

Blue Lagoon was the only man-made place in Iceland I really wanted to visit! Named one of National Geographic’s “25 Wonders of the World,” Blue Lagoon is famous for its geothermal BLUE seawater bath, which is known for its healing effect and active ingredients including minerals, silica and algae.


Blue Lagoon – Aerial View (photo from


Walkways around Blue Lagoon

The geothermal seawater originates 2,000 meters beneath the earth’s surface under Iceland. As the water travels through porous lava (Iceland is known for its volcanic activity), a blend of sea and fresh water undergoes mineral exchange and then near the surface, concentration occurs, due to vaporization, evaporation and finally, sedimentation. The geothermal seawater is led directly from the original source to the lagoons at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, and all the minerals gives it the distinct light BLUE colour.  The lagoon holds six million liters of geothermal seawater all of which is renewed in 40 hours.

Iceland, in general, shows a great harmony between nature and man-made. There are after all only 300,000 people inhabiting such a huge land area. Blue Lagoon embodies this nature-man-made relationship in its design, starting from the moment we got off the car in the parking lot… One has to walk through a 200-meter walkway cuts through a wall of lava, guided by nature into the lagoon itself.


Blue pools amidst lava rocks (photo from


Cafe overlooking the blue pools (photo from

We tried out the Experience Comfort package (prices from 50 euroes), which include use of towel, drink, skincare trial pack and an Algae Face Mask. The staff were welcoming and professional, issuing our entry tag and items very quickly. The lockers are also high-tech, locked by our entry tag.

After changing out, we walked through the bath areas to the outdoor BLUE pool! Finally 🙂 so *brrrrrrrrrr* to walk out from the building into the open air at sub-0 temperatures, then experience immediate comfort once we plunge into the hot pools which are at 39 degrees C! Hard to get out after that though… must be prepared to run back into the comforts of indoor 🙂


Going from cold into hot comforting waters!

Comforting heat in winter!

Comforting heat in winter! (photo from

Blue Lagoon Iceland

So difficult to get a shot in such a wet environment and rainy skies!! Us soaking up the good minerals in Blue Lagoon pools, Iceland

Good drinks on tap :)

Good drinks in bottles and on tap 🙂

Our family enjoying the drinks!

Our family enjoying the drinks!

Different areas of the pool have different temperatures, so it is fun to bounce around the different corners to feel the different levels of warmth. We also tried out the steambaths and sauna, and feeling warm geothermal water plunging on us!

Me happily getting splashed on by hot geothermal waters :)

Me happily getting splashed on by hot geothermal waters 🙂


Having a splashing good time!


Helping ourselves to 2 types of masks – Silica Mud Mask and Algae Face Mask.


Helping ourselves to 2 types of masks – Silica Mud Mask and Algae Face Mask.

Masking around!! :P

Masking around!! 😛

I was personally very impressed by the Algae Face Mask included in the package. The instruction was to apply it for 10 minutes on the face then scrub it off. It was hard to keep it on our faces for so long as it was raining hard that day, but I felt my skin become more supple and smooth! I only learnt about research that Blue Lagoon’s research laboratories, in cooperation with research consultant Prof. Jean Krutmann, a dermatologist and international expert in Skin Aging Research and Environmental Medicine, have discovered through comprehensive research on the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater that extracts of its unique components have a powerful action on the skin. The most important discoveries are:

“- Blue Lagoon filamentous algae stimulate the natural collagen synthesis *
– Blue Lagoon coccoid algae prevent UV-induced degradation of collagen *
– Blue Lagoon silica stimulates the production of various key components of the skin barrier and enhances its functioning*” —

These elements are important for maintaining the appearance of a healthy, young skin. Amazing minerals from nature indeed! 🙂


  • For those of you who want more privacy, you can upgrade your package and have access to a private indoor lagoon with access to the Blue Lagoon.
  • Blue Lagoon also offers in water spa treatments and massage especially for the travel-weary. The treatments are developed in-house by the company’s research and development team and spa specialists, and the 2 signature massages are Silica massage and special deluxe Blue Lagoon massage.

Sun setting on blue lagoon (photo from


Simply unforgettable blue pools

When I return to Iceland (yes, I pray I will get to go back!), I will definitely be back in Blue Lagoon! 🙂 — Yes glad  I went back!!

Construction is happening for a luxury hotel so you can stay and dip in Blue Lagoons like Japan onsens :)

Construction is happening for a luxury hotel opening in 2017 so you can stay and dip in Blue Lagoons like Japan onsens 🙂

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