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Healthy (and convenient) snack options in Singapore!

Ever since I turned 100% vegan and as raw as I be, one consistent challenge at 9pm that N and I face is – “We are so hungry and we have run out of juice/blends. What do we eat?”

This puts us face to face with temptation.. Do we cook something convenient like instant noodles or stock up on convenient non-GMO chips so we can satisfying our roaring tummies before we sleep at night? (Btw I did succumb to some branded fried non-GMO chips which made my tonsils feel really uncomfortable the next day so I stopped. *sigh* Listen to the body, right?) Somehow when you have had a long day, eating healthy fruits at night is the last thing on my mind.

So that started my hunt on healthy plant-based snacks that we do not need to make on our own! Yessss.. lazy busy city people 😛 Of course, my most preferred snack is still our own dehydrated kale chips – recipe here. However, we have now discovered healthy options that are ready made!

Raw Organic Kale Chips

Next to making my own Kale Chips, Loving Earth’s Organic Yellow Kale Chips (40g, $6.90) are probably the healthiest chips I can find! These yellow kale chips are flavoured with a blend of organic carrots and raw cashews, so they are a tasty yet yummy way to get your greens and nutrients.

Le Bono-2

Loving Earth’s Organic Yellow Kale Chips

Le Bono-3

Loving Earth’s Organic Yellow Kale Chips

Le Bono-14

Loving Earth’s Organic Yellow Kale Chips, and Purple chips in background

I also tried the purple kale chips before they were so popular they were out of stock. The purple kale chips have been blended with activated pumpkin seeds, carrot, chilli, garlic, beetroot and a whole bunch of healthy certified organic ingredients. That had a very unique coconut and beetroot after taste.

Le Bono-13

Loving Earth’s Organic Purple Kale Chips

Le Bono-1

Loving Earth’s Organic Purple Kale Chips

Le Bono-4

Loving Earth’s Organic Purple Kale Chips

For now, they have the yellow and red kale chips in stock. They can be purchased online here on Lebono Collection.

Tip: Please remember to drink plenty of water when eating dehydrated snacks!!

Organic Raw Sweet Cacao Nibs

After eating TRU RAW – Raw Cacao Nibs ( 12 oz, $17.50), I never want to return to chocolate bars ladened with artificial flavourings. These natural raw nibs are sweetened with coconut flower blossom nectar, with a low glycemic index. They are also super high in antioxidants – cacao is a super food full of the bliss checmial anandamide. One can eat on its own.. I can’t stop once I start or also beautiful as a topping sprinkle on raw desserts!

Le Bono-5

TRU RAW – Raw Cacao Nibs

Le Bono-6

TRU RAW – Raw Cacao Nibs

You can look for other raw cacao items online here.

And I just started trying the Way Better Snacks as well! MUST have for those who love tortilla! They are made from quality sprouted ingredients filled with non-GMO flax seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, radish and brocolli! It is important to sprout seeds and nuts before eating because sprouting is known to enhance the absorption of nutrients, and each serving of Way Better Snacks has over 300mg of Omega-3 essential fatty acids (Very important for anti inflammatory action in our body)! Brocolli and radish seeds also contain lots of natural antioxidants!

Way Better Snacks can be purchased online here. My personal favourite is the Sweet Chili Corn Tortilla Chips!

Le Bono P2-2

Way Better Snacks – Sweet Chili Corn Tortilla Chips

Le Bono P2-1

Way Better Snacks – Blues Corn Tortilla Chips

Le Bono P2-3

Way Better Snacks – Multigrain Corn Tortilla Chips

And if you are a die hard POTATO chips fan, there is now the Viva La Papa! all natural potato chips from Peru!

Le Bono P2-6

Le Bono P2-4 There are also wild vegetable chips made from sweet potato, wild carrot, beetroot!

Le Bono P2-5

Chips from Viva La Papa! can be purchased online here.

I will consistently be trying new healthy snacks and updating here. Do let us know if you have any suggestions for us too 🙂

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