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The one villa in Phuket you have to experience…

Villa Noi is by far our best beach holiday and retreat experience. We hunt around a lot for deals on luxury boutique villas and yet Villa Noi has been able to surpass all our experience so far!

Villa Noi-5

Villa Noi

Villa Noi-11

Villa Noi

Villa Noi-6

Private entrance from the beach

Villa Noi-7

Beach and sea at Villa Noi’s doorstep

Villa Noi-17

Villa Noi is situated on Natai Beach, Phang Nha, just north of Phuket, just 25 minutes from the Phuket International Airport. For those who are familiar with Aleenta Phang Nga, Villa Noi is right next to it. Villa is a private family villa and was designed by Duangri Bunnag, and constructed in 2010.

Villa Noi-19

Villa Noi shared the beach with Aleenta, Phang Nga

Villa Noi is an award-winning Thai modern home that has been featured in various high-society publications such as The Modern Thai House / Innovative Design in Tropical Asia and Houses by Thai Architects. I was stunned when I was reading in the pavilion and realized Villa Noi is the villa on the cover page of Houses by Thai Architects. Never thought I would ever have a chance to live in one of these homes!

Villa Noi-14

One of the reasons why Villa Noi is our top villa is the sheer amount of space! Sitting on almost 2000 square meters (such a luxury considering most Singaporean homes aren’t even 2000 square FEET) of land, Villa Noi has 3 villas (House B, C, D), a dining room/western kitchen (House A) for living in. 5 of us shared the 3 villas and we had so much space for each of us! There were moments I actually had to shout for my husband to hear me on the other end of the villa. What a luxury!

The pavilion, which includes the living room, billiard table, bar and a desk area, was the perfect place (somehow F.R.I.E.N.D.S came to mind!) for our evening hangout over movies and a game of pool. Villa Noi has a pretty impressive and updated DVD collection.

Villa Noi-3

Pavilion – the living room, billiard table, bar and a desk area

Villa Noi-4

Pavilion – the living room, billiard table, bar and a desk area

The desk area was perfect for me to think, reflect, plan and write… I wrote part of this post while sitting here! 🙂

Villa Noi-18

Pavilion – desk area with an awesome view of the sea

Villa Noi-15

Basking in the sun

Above the dining room on the second level of House A is the private bedrooms for the family who owns the villa.

Villa Noi-1

The owners’ private master bedroom – not for rent

Villa Noi-2

The owners’ private master bedroom – not for rent

I love the various contrasting features of Villa Noi. There is strong horizontal lines in the architectural build up, juxtaposed with the soft vertical willow trees. The villa has very modern touches with high gloss, minimalistic furniture set against nature literally running through the villa; the biggest villa has a tree trunk running through the bedroom area.

Villa Noi-21

Villa Noi – Strong horizontal lines in the architectural build up, juxtaposed with the soft vertical willow trees

Within the biggest villa, there is also an outdoor rain-shower and bath tub so you can enjoy the outdoors in the comforts of your villa.

Villa Noi-12

The largest villa – with outdoor bathtub and rainshower

Villa Noi-8

The largest villa – with outdoor bathtub and rainshower

Villa Noi-9

The largest villa – with a tree trunk integrated into part of the villa design

The second biggest villa has the best seaview and is linked to the infinity pool.

Villa Noi-10

Second biggest villa – linked to infinity pool

Villa Noi-13

Bath tub in second biggest villa – with 3rd villa in view

Villa Noi-16

Amazing sunset views from the second largest villa

Villa Noi is also a perfect retreat centre because you really never need to step out of the villa.

  • You will be picked up from the airport with an 11-seater luxury van
  • The gorgeous and private Natai beach is literally at Villa Noi’s door step.
  • There is a 25m infinity pool, as well as an attached children’s wading pool, for those who don’t want to brave the waves.
  • The inhouse chef also has a repertoire of more than 50 Thai dishes for all 3 meals.
  • There is a wide variety of whisky, beer and wines at the bar.
  • For those who want some exercise, there are golf clubs, badminton rackets, frisbees, goggles for a swim and a half basketball court within the villa
  • There is also full kitchen equipment for families keen to do a cookout.
  • For families with kids, there is no lack of games available.
  • You can hire in masseurs for massages.
  • A 2-people kayak is available with paddles and life jackets. You can even hire a boat company to do banana boat, pizza boat and windsurf!
  • Fishing poles are available for fishing at the new pier, 2km north of Villa Noi

We were served by 4 lovely professionals: K’Nang – Head Chef, K’Yak – resident Driver and in charge of general maintenance,  K’Ni – overall in charge of logistics and day to day running of the villa and K’Rak, who also works on gardening and maintenance. They work off the staff quarters on site which includes the Thai. These are some of the amazing local Thai dishes prepared by the team:

Villa Noi-22 Villa Noi-23 Villa Noi-24 Villa Noi-25 Villa Noi-26

Thanks to Villa Noi, this week has been one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life! We definitely hope to be back 🙂

PS: If you wish to rent, the owners are still confirming on renting mechanics. I will update when they confirm it!

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