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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 – Movie Premiere in Singapore

My mum and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 on the first day of our vegetable juice fast and it really motivated us to keep going. In the first movie, Joe Cross did a 60 days Juice Fast with amazing health benefits, and the second one is coming to Singapore! YAY!

If you know anyone trying to lose weight, reverse an auto-immune problem, struggling with juice fast or just trying to be healthy, this is a GREAT opportunity to meet with Joe Cross and be inspired by his health transformation!

I am so excited that Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 will be launching in Singapore. Movie Premiere details:
Location: GV Vivo Max
Date: 3 December (Wed)
Time: 7pm
Cost: Tickets @ $49 (Early bird price $44 before 7/11/14) for the movie premiere and get to meet Joe Cross personally and be inspired! Get your tickets directly here!



Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead was about Joe Cross, who was 100 pounds overweight and taking medication everyday for an autoimmune disease in 2007, and why he created Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2.

“I knew I needed to do something drastic to make a lasting change in my life. That something was a 60-day fresh fruit and vegetable juice fast that I did while being filmed with a professional camera crew. While traveling across the United States. Along the way, I met some amazing people, one of whom, Phil Staples, a truck driver from Iowa, ended up being featured in the film. Together we took control of our lives by taking control of our diets. And this film, amazingly enough, has in turn, inspired millions of other people to change their own lives!
But then a funny thing happened, even with all the knowledge I’d learned, the techniques and tips I’ve gotten from experts, the fact that I was still off all of my medication, I found it was a ongoing struggle to keep the weight off!I was like, hey, this isn’t supposed to be happening! I’d done all the hard work, I even got  off my meds!

But that’s not how it works. I learned that losing the weight was easy, that the hard work really starts when you’re trying to maintain the weight loss. Now, I wasn’t the first to discover this, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone. Seems like everyone has trouble keeping the weight off” — Joe Cross

And I am so thankful to get to do a pre-movie premiere interview with Joe himself!!

Joe Cross Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 Singapore

Joe Cross – Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 Singapore

1)     Hi Joe, for many people I encourage to start a juice fast, their first reaction would be – Won’t you feel so hungry and weak? What advice would you give to our friends and family to want to embark on a juice fast but am afraid of the physical reactions they will face and what kept you going for 60 days?

If you prepare for your reboot by eliminating processed food, alcohol and caffeine for a week before you begin, it makes things much easier – you’re slowly weaning your body off the key substances that trigger physical and emotional responses, and preparing to flood your system with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. For almost everyone – including me! – the first two or three days are the most challenging. Typically, when you wake up on day four it’s as if a fog has lifted and your body feels strong and your mind feels clear. That is pretty addictive, let me tell you! Support, whether from friends, family, colleagues or online, can be absolutely essential to getting through those first couple of days when your body is becoming accustomed to the reboot. We have lots of tips and information at, and an online community of fellow rebooters who provide each other with tons of encouragement and advice.

2)     What is your favourite juice recipes? Is it better to take more vegetable or fruit juices as we often hear that fruit juices are high in fructose?

I’m so glad you asked – at Reboot, we believe in a ratio of 80-20, or 80 % vegetables to 20% fruits. When people stick to this guideline, there is really no issue around the naturally-occurring sugars they are consuming (which shouldn’t be confused with the processed sweeteners that dominate most people’s diets).

3)     What other lifestyle changes did you incorporate other than juicing and exercising?

Thanks to the numerous experts I have spoken to, I realized there are other important components of wellbeing. One is rest – hard to do when you are always traveling, but not impossible! – and even more importantly, time with friends and family.

4)     What is the toughest part about sticking to a healthy lifestyle? What do you do to get back on the healthy path when you fall off the bandwagon?

We live in a world that is filled with messages that tempt and encourage us to indulge in things that may not be in our best long-term interest. And it’s fine to enjoy those things in small amounts –a  piece of birthday cake, a glass of champagne at New Year’s, your mother’s favorite dish are all part of living life fully. But a steady diet of those really compromised my health, so I have to be careful to only indulge selectively. When I find I’ve overindulged, I do a Reboot for a few days to remind my body of how great it feels to be well nourished. And above all, don’t beat yourself up – no one ever got healthy by being ashamed all the time!

5)     How will FSND2 be different from FSND1?

FSND2 is a broader conversation about wellness, including the importance of community. As I travelled the world to make the movie, I was really struck by how supportive friends (even just online pals) can make a difference. None of us are in this alone!

So if you are inspired, do catch the Movie Premiere:

Location: GV Vivo Max
Date: 3 December (Wed)
Time: 7pm
Cost: Tickets @ $49 (Early bird price $44 before 7/11/14) for the movie premiere and get to meet Joe Cross personally and be inspired! Get your tickets directly here!

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