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Everton Food Trail – Just Want Coffee, Traditional Ang Ku Kueh, Audacious Bakery

Everton Park has become quite a happening place since our dear JM opened up Nylons in the neighbourhood. btw, Nylons Coffee is my Hubbubu’s favourite coffee in Singapore, and definitely one of our favourites; we even used them for our wedding! I will write another entry on them on my next visit!

Back to today’s post. As our dear friend, Mr D, named it, this post shall be titled the Everton Food Trail because a lot of hippy cool places have popped up there. This trail comprises:
1) Just Want Coffee – coffee place, doh.
2) Traditional Ang Ku Kueh – looks crowded but didn’t try this round
3) Audacious Bakery – one of the best cakes in Singapore. I would tie them with K-ki
4) Grin Affair – looks like ice cream place but haven’t tried!
Also not calling this a review because I will write again when I have been back to try everything!

The Everton neighbourhood with cool corridors

1) Just Want Coffee  (6/10)

Typical hippee cafe with raw, grungy walls and chalkboards to welcome you. 


Just Want Coffee Exterior




Their Americano (5/10) however was very acidic and diluted – suggest not to try.
The Flat White (7/10) was a blend of Brazil, Sumatra and Columbia Beans. I think most Flat White lovers would find the flavour not strong enough, but I personally liked the controlled taste. It also has a nutty after-taste because they use Greenfields (vs Meiji milk which won’t usually produce that taste). However, I am VERY disappointed with the art………see below – it looked like no effort put into my coffee art 🙁


Flat White with no art 🙁

 2) Traditional Ang Ku Kueh

Was too full but definitely will try this next round. Love how all the workers are so conscientiously making every single one of the Ang Ku Kuehs!



3) Audacious Bakery (9/10)
Visually very appealing shop and cakes, but definitely not cheap – I packed a slice of Zacharie (Mango Passionfruit Cheese Mousse with a mango passionfruit centre on a ginger biscuit base) for $7.80. But wow, despite having it only 3 hours later (I stored in the fridge), the flavours burst richly with every mouthful. It’s citrus without being overly sour – the cheese balances the acidity well. There is real sweet mango (the kind you usually get in Thailand) both in the core and on top of the cake and the base gives the cake a nice zesty aftertaste because of the ginger. Very complex cakes and I will definitely be back to try it with friends.




Exotique  – Mango and coconut mousse on a jaconde sponge with fresh mango and papaya bitsIMG_2240

Faith – Japanese green tea and fragrant black sesame mousse on a green tea sponge.


Prrretty cupcakes!


Pretty Audacious Bakery Cupcakes

4)  Grin Affair – cool-looking ice cream place but haven’t tried. earmarked to go back to complete the trail in future!


Will be back to try! 🙂


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