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Lend a Helping Hand to a Child TODAY by shopping at Watsons!

I am so glad to finally be able to share on a social cause that can help the community! I am really keen on corporate social responsibility (CSR) because I believe the scale of corporations can sometimes achieve a lot more for the needy than if we were to help as individuals, and serving a social cause makes work so much more meaningful!

As a #pgemp, I am privileged to be able to work on many corporate social responsibility projects like our tie-up with Special Olympics, and today, I would like to share more on Watsons Singapore latest Helping Hands initiative launching in November to help raise $20,000 for Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, and YOU CAN HELP!

Launched for the first time, Helping Hands hopes to empower and fulfill the wishes of the children in Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. Based on the theme “I Believe in Magic”, the drawings featured on the tissue sets provide the children with an opportunity to express themselves through art, whilst reflecting their desires for the future. Nine different artworks will be featured, and for each box or packet of tissue purchased, Watsons will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Home, with the aim to raise $20,000 for Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.

So… It is really simple for YOU to help! Just buy the below necessities while shopping at Watsons. Watsons has produced limited edition (From Nov2013-Feb2014):

1) Tissue Packs ($4.50)

imageThe 4 tissue packs depicts a happy Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, three brave musketeers and cheerful sunflowers respectively. Each pack of 5 boxes of tissue (3plysx100sheetsx5boxes) will retail at $4.50.

To me, these drawings really represent the vision of the Home, where the children grow up to be strong musketeers, and cheery like what the sunflowers represent! What I find really meaningful as well is that these illustrations were drawn during art classes that were organized by Watsons for the children. Beyond raising funds, Watsons is helping to build a valuable skill set in these children!

2) Mini hankies ($2)


For those who need something more convenient in your handbags, there are also packets of mini hankies (3plysx10sheetsx16packs) retailing at $2.  Designs are a bright and sprightly giraffe, a friendly shark and two lovebirds, which will help cheer up your day while helping children in need.

3) Travel packs ($2)
Since Nov-Dec is the peak travel season, there is an option of tissue travel packs (3plysx50sheetsx4packs), retailing at $2 each, so you can bring these packs with delightful illustrations of hearts, a happy girl and a vivid rainbow, as you explore the world! Remember that you made someone’s day and they are wishing you safe wishes for your travels abroad.

Through this project, I learnt that Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home cares for the well-being of needy and disadvantaged children of all races and religions, providing them with an inclusive home environment and helping to strengthen their family relationships. By doing so, Ms Geraldine Nonis Yap, Chief Executive Officer of Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, believes that the children can be nurtured to their full potential and become happy and responsible members of the family and community.  

I am also glad that Watsons, as many of Singaporeans’ favorite health and beauty retailer, is doing its part for our community. As Mr Daniel Teo, General Manager of Watsons Singapore, shared, “by featuring the children’s artworks on items of necessity, in this case tissue paper, we can help share the hopes and dreams of the children from Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home with everyone; we believe that presenting these drawings to the public can also help build the children’s self-esteem and pride in their works, and help them see the magic in their creations too.”

So, as you do your shopping in any of the more than 100 Watsons stores in Singapore, please help pick up any of these tissue packs to do your part to help these children to become happy and responsible members of Singapore! 🙂


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