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Massage – Super Value for $ Thai Massage

To experience the full local Khaoyai experience, we went to check out on where local Thais enjoy their massages in Khaoyai. The first massage place I called asked me to try out a massage place near Palio when I mentioned I was near Palio. The lady on the phone told me the name of the place is called “The Housekeeper of the Mu Si“, to which I went “AGAIN?” and she repeated – “The Housekeeper of the Mu Si”, and she was very helpful, giving me directions in broken English. We had a lot of fun driving up and down the main road along Palio trying to find the place since there are NO english signboards, and unfortunately, I lost some photos when I changed phones so I have no pictures of the exterior/Thai name for you 🙁 So am using this photo from Neng S’s Foursquare to show what the place looks like:


The massage was decent and super value for money! We paid 300bht (=SGD12) for 1.5hours foot massage, but it turned out to be 45mins foot massage and 45mins lying down on your front, back and shoulder massage, which was enjoyable as well. But expect pink walls, no-privacy massage beds on the floor shared with 10 others, blanket prints of the 1980s style and talkative Thai aunty masseurs. Very no frills local massage, and super wow value!

To ensure you won’t get lost if you decide to try this massage place in Khaoyai (and you should, for the local experience, plus the massage is decent and good value for money), this is the location:
1) Opposite the Greenery Resort
2) If you are driving from Palio, after passing Greenery Resort on the right, look to your left. It is  a local house about 10 metres receded into the road on your right – the below is the bes tI can pin it on google maps.
3) According to Foursquare, the signboard should say “นวดแผนไทย กรมส่งเสริมอาชีพสตรี” (To my Thai readers – Does this translate to “The Housekeeper of the Mu Si”???

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