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Ramblings of an Ex-Procrastinator-to-be (Week 2&3 of 6) – Sharing Wunderlist2 Experience

Second and third instalment from guest blogger, the Hubbubu. Proud of his progress and hope it encourages all of us trying to form good new habits!

First of all, I must apologise for my “procrastination” on my Week 2 post. As promised, this is a followup post from my commitment in Week 1 to discipline myself and overcome procrastination. This is partly due to the long weekend over here in #Singapore and I decided to go on a Social Network fast. HOWEVER, I was reminded (thanks to #Wunderlist Reminder) to write it which prompted me to note it down last weekend to write today.

Here’s my experience (Week 2&3) of using Wunderlist as my task and list maker to help prevent my procrastination. Here is my progress so far:

Week 2 & 3 – Getting into the Rhythm

It has been a tough ride to remember every little thing to note down. It has been easier to remember that I have to note it down to Wunderlist, but, if I do not do it immediately there is a high chance it would slip my mind to write it down. There are moments when I hover over my phone screen to input then I would forget what exactly I needed to input! This just shows how easily my mind gloss over stuff even when unintended!

I have noted during the course of Week 3, my brain seems to be disciplining itself to remember better. I am able to recall some less important things and action on them which I did not update into my Wunderlist. Yay, memory is better but that also means I still missed to note some stuff! Previously, I won’t remember what I was supposed to remember. Of course, the discipline could be due to other reason(s), so I am hesitating to consider it an actual achievement and improvement for now. I will observe consistency of better memory in the weeks to come and update if it is really getting better.

Finally, #Wunderlist Reminder section is very useful for me. Especially when I have important plans I need action at within a timeframe, including a reminder along with my task keeps me on track! Furthermore it is really easy to add the reminder into any task. (Wishlist to #wunderlist: A location reminder would just make this app even better!)

For those of you trying to form new habits, we are halfway there together. Hang in there!


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