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PH360 – World’s First Personalized Health Tool

I have recently been given the privilege to be one of the pioneers in Singapore to experience a new personalized health assessment tool you can do on your own in the comfort of your home called PH360, which stands for having a 360 degrees view on your Personal Health.

PH360 is created by internationally renowned health expert, Matt Riemann, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness 9 years ago. Since then, he has spent the past decade gathering an international team of collaborators who are leading scientists, researchers, medical doctors and health professionals with expertise in the fields of anthropometry, endocrinology, molecular biology, epigenetics, phenotypology, nutrigenomics and neuroscience, to tackle this seemingly impossible task. Since then, he has not just recovered but in 2014, Riemann and his team launched the world’s first personalised health tool PH360 based on gene expression, combining concepts of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and conventional medicine to produce a platform with the ability to predict the exact foods, fitness, environments and lifestyle – or epigenetic factors – to make intuitive decisions for one to stay healthy and avoid disease.

Image: PH360

Image: PH360

So, to start off my online health program, I first had to do physical measurements on myself. This is to give PH360 information my anthropometric data. It is believes our body portions influence not just our genes but even the way we process information.

“In 1890 di Giovanni published the text “The Morphology of Human Body” where he explained all the correlations between the structures of the body, body shapes and certain diseases. In modern anthropometry, it is known that every measurement has a specific ratio when harmony is maintained. Anthropometric measurements are thus used as markers of health and disease, not only on their own but one in relation to another.” –

Keying in my body measurements into PH360.

Keying in my body measurements into PH360.

Then, I had to provide certain information about my body condition including even how my nails look, which are my phenotypical traits. Signs such as striations in fingernails may indicate mineral deficiencies, cracked skin vitamin deficiency, finger length may indicate hormonal dominance etc.


Entering details about my body condition into PH360

After about 20 minutes of keying in the data, I was so excited to read my results! The first interesting set was about my MIND. These are some examples of my results:


PH360 - Results about my mind

PH360 – Results about my mind

I thought it was quite cool that by entering all the specific data, the PH360 system was able to throw up accurately how I tend to think and process information!!

Next, I checked out the FOOD section. And *lol*, no surprise why I feel so much better in the last 15 months after turning vegan. I have already stopped eating everything PH360 is telling me I shouldn’t eat!!

All my top foods to avoid

All my top foods to avoid

PH360 also discusses about your personalized ideal:

  • Fitness Plan
  • Location to Live
  • Social
  • Career,

making it such a powerful tool to your personalized health! That is all I will reveal here so it will be more exciting for you when you read through your own profile!

Your Body Profile and lifestyle preferences will reveal everything from the foods likely to increase your metabolism, to the environments and careers most conducive to your wellbeing.Based on your unique phenotypic and epigenetic makeup, PH360 will suggest changes for the way you think, eat, play, live, work and love!

Image from PH360

Image: PH360


Read more about PH360 and have a try at it! You will be surprised at the wealth and depth of data about your health it can provide to you 🙂

Internationally renowned health expert, Matt Riemann, will be coming to Singapore to give a talk on PH360. For all your readers who are keen, please refer to the below brochures to RSVP directly with PH360!

1) General public

PH360 Public Event Final

2) Healthcare Professionals

PH360 Professional Event Final

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